Rising Popularity of Yoga across World to Fuel Demand for Yoga Mats

Published On : 19 Sep 2016

QYResearchReports.com has recently announced the addition of a new study based on the global market for yoga mats. The research report, titled “Global Yoga Mat Market Research Report 2016”, examines the historical as well as the current performance of this market, emphasizing especially on each of the geographical segment.

With the heightened popularity of yoga across the world, the demand for yoga mats has witnessed a remarkable rise in the recent times. Analysts expect this demand to remain high in the years to come. Mostly utilized at homes and yoga studios, yoga mats are specially designed to support consumers, by preventing their hands and feet from slipping when practicing yoga. 

This 122-page research study provides an all-inclusive analysis of the worldwide yoga mat market, taking various factors, such as production capacity, pricing of the product, the dynamics of demand and supply, revenue, and the growth rate of the overall market, in consideration.

According to the research report, North America, Europe, Southeast Asia, China, Japan, and India are the primary regional markets for yoga mats. India, being the origin of Yoga, leads the demand for yoga mats across the world. The swift proliferation of this ancient practice in other parts of the world has also boosted the demand for yoga mats in North America and Europe significantly.

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In this study, the global market for yoga mats has been broadly analyzed on the basis of the product type and the application. Based on the product, the market has been classified into rubber yoga mats, PVC yoga mats, and TPE yoga mats. PVC yoga mats report a higher demand among consumers than other yoga mats due to the grip they provide. The segment is likely to witness strong demand in the coming years, states the research study.

Based on the application, the report segments the global yoga mats market into yoga mats for household purposes and yoga mats for yoga clubs. As of now, the demand for yoga mats used for household purposes is higher than the latter, states the report.

The research report also presents a detailed assessment of the competitive landscape of the global market for yoga mats. It reviews the profiles of the leading players in this market in order to study their growth potential and the trending strategies adopted by them for business expansion.

Manduka PROlite, Easyoga, HATHAYOGA, Gaiam, Yogarugs, JiangXi Lveten Plastic, Khataland, Kharma Khare, Aerolite, Aurorae, Barefoot Yoga, Hosa Group, PrAna Revolutionary, Copeactive, Lululemon, Yogabum, Jade Yoga, A. Kolckmann, Hugger Mugger Para Rubber, Yogasana, Liforme, Keep well, and Microcell Composite are the key manufacturers of yoga mats across the world, states this research study.

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