Global Yoga Clothing Market Expected to Grow Stronger from High Urban Consumer Demand

Published On : 21 Nov 2016 has added a new research report to its repertoire on the burgeoning retail industry, focusing on yoga services and products specifically. The latest report in this category to be added to the database, titled “Global Yoga Clothing Market Research Report 2016,” is an all-inclusive and conclusive study on the market that relies on the consumers currently appealed by the growing use of yoga as a method of exercise and stress relief.

Yoga clothing is a part of a multi-billion dollar industry that surrounds the more recent addition to the apparel industry, dubbed “athleisure.” This is a rapidly growing line of clothing that is intended to be worn for light exercise or even daily life, and is becoming an extremely popular form of clothing among urban masses in developed economies. It is also catching up in developing economies, where improving industry infrastructures and increasing disposable incomes are adding a steady gain to the demand for different types of clothing.

The report divides the global yoga clothing market on the basis of clothing type as well as applications in order to create a simplistic method of assessment which players can lock down when looking for opportunities in specific segments. In terms of clothing types, the global yoga clothing market is divided into yoga tops, yoga tank tops, yoga capris, and yoga pants. The report also dissects the global yoga clothing market on the basis of applications in order for its users to gain a deeper insight on the current trends as well as the ones that may affect the market in the coming years.

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The regional analysis of the global yoga clothing market splits the global market into key regions that include both continents as well as specific countries that are currently shining in terms of either demand volume or growth in demand volume. Users of the report can focus on these regions if they are looking to expand their borders of business. The key regions explained in the report include Europe, North America, China, Japan, India, and Southeast Asia. As mentioned before, emerging economies among the Asia Pacific countries are showing promising rates of increase in demand volume and are expected to be grounds for current players to expand their business as well as for new players to set up shop.

The report covers the competitive landscape of the global yoga clothing market by highlighting the key players that are currently operating in it. This will allow both top ranking brands as well as new entrants to carefully plan their next strategy for gaining greater shares in the global yoga clothing market. Of the many key players detailed, the report includes Athleta, ANJALI, Hatha Yoga, Lily Lotus, Bluefish, Green Apple, Mika Yoga Wear, Inner Waves, SOLOW, Prana, Be Present, Cozy Orange, Hosa Yoga, Soybu, Easyoga, Beyond Yoga, Pieryoga, ALO Yoga, Lululemon Athletica, Yomer, Shining Shatki, and Bia Brazil.

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