Wireless SoC Market to Witness Remarkable Growth Rate with Increasing Number of Wireless Technological Services

Published On : 14 Jan 2019

Systems on Chip are integrated circuits that unite all components of an electronic system or computer. These components consist of an input or output port, a central processing unit (CPU), secondary storage and memory.  All of these components are included in a single substrate and may consists of radio frequency signal, mixed-signal, or digital analog frequency signal processing functions relying on the application. SoCs have less power consumption and acquires less area as compared to multi-chip designs with identical functionality, as they are combined on a single electronic substrate. Due to this reason, SoCs are commonly found in edge computing and mobile computing markets. Wireless SoCs are generally used in Internet of Things and embedded systems.

Bluetooth Segment to Dominate Market Revenue with Wireless Connectivity in Audio Applications

The market is classified on the basis of type and application which includes 802.15.4, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi among which Bluetooth sub segment is estimated to dominate. Bluetooth started as a technology for replacing wire based headphones and mobile handsets. It is now evolving as a general purpose streaming into audio applications. Digitally, the Bluetooth is small containing about 200k gates and lesser, hence its integration is standard with a single 130nm package into RF. On the other side, 802.11 standards are considered mature since they have the tendency to be used in various applications with varied chipsets. On the other hand, SoC finds its application in non-audio and audio division under which audio segment is seen to be contributing more revenue to the overall market in the long run. 

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Wireless communication is gaining more popularity over the decades and is being commodifed. With innovation and advancement in technology like 802.11n and UWB, the wireless SoC market is gaining more revenue even though it is still in its adopter phase. The 802.11abg and Bluetooth market is gaining maturity, thus, reducing the cost and adding to the advantage of the overall market in the coming years. Additionally, it indicates higher component integration and using off-the-shelf designs may act in favor in order to gain more marketing time as well as decrease any market risk in future.

Wireless SoC to Make Remarkable Growth in Pharmaceutical Industry

Recently, the global wireless SoC market is anticipated to emerge as one of the most notable markets in the pharmaceutical industry. This is because of the notable rise in investment by major players in to research and development activities globally. Players are concentrating on customization that is data driven and other technological innovation in order to increase the demand for more accurate and efficient results. This further leads to rise in technological usage in the wireless SoC market ultimately boosting the growth of the market in the long run.

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