Turbine Tower Flanges becoming Key Enabler for Global Wind Energy Sector Growth

Published On : 19 Apr 2018

The wind energy industry world over in the renewable power sector is increasingly dynamic with constant scope for innovations in wind foundations and towers. Flanges as guides and clamps for wind turbine towers grew in significance in providing a firm foundation for the lowest section of the tower. These are seamless forged rings traditionally made of rings with remarkable tolerance and play a key role in installing and assembling processes of wind turbine towers. With utility-scale wind turbines gathering steam in the industry, the market will witness lucrative demand for flanges. Supporting by these trend, the Global Wind Turbine Tower Flanges Market is projected to expand at a promising pace in the coming years, according to estimates by QYResearchReports.com.

Trends that keep Demand for Wind Turbine Tower Flanges Sales High

The need for expediting wind farm constructions world over to support a burgeoning renewable energy market is a notable factor that has led to a staggering demand for wind tower flanges. The intensifying need for improving the operation of wind mills and enhancing the working life of wind turbines has led renewable energy producers give substantial focus on tower flanges. The rapid stride being experienced by the offshore wind energy industry has provided a robust foundation supporting the evolving demand. The rapidly rising demand for wind towers in emerging economies in various parts of the globe, coupled with rising wind power capacity, has also bolstered the demand for wind tower flanges. 

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The vast rise in renewable energy production in developing economies world over is a notable factor bolstering the need for wind turbine tower flanges. Over the past few years, these flanges have evolved considerably, especially in response to meeting conditions of offshore wind firms. Manufactures take care of the differing surrounding conditions for designing flanges that meet the criteria in temperature, depth aimed at, and the type of sea bed. Proportionately, flanges with various technical specifications have also come up in the market. 

Technological Advancements in Manufacturing of Wind Tower Flanges Bodes Well 

A number of supply and purchase agreements by manufacturers in the first part of the decade have led to the popularity of machined flanges for wind towers. It has become inherently important to control the welding deformations in flanges so as not to affect the wind turbine lifetime in onshore and offshore installations. 

The advent of modern measurement methods and techniques has led to precise machining of these massive structures, thus helping manufacturers achieve geometrical correctness. Unceasing advances aimed at making better measuring equipment is another factor cutting the mustard in the industry. The advent of laser flange measurement technique is another key advancement. 

Some of the prominent companies paving way for technological advancement in wind turbine tower flanges are Euskalforging, Shanxi Shuanghuan Heavy Industry Group Co., Ltd., Hengrun Group Co., Ltd., AH Industries A/S, Flanschenwerk Thal GmbH, CAB Incorporated, and Petrosteel. 

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