Growing use of Damage Identification Algorithms that meet Industry Standard to Boost Wind Turbine Inspection Drones

Published On : 03 Jan 2018 has announced the addition of a new market intelligence report titled, “Global Wind Turbine Inspection Drones Market Professional Survey Report 2017”, to its repository. The in-depth study on the global wind turbine inspection drones offers detailed insights into the key growth drivers and restraints, notable trends, emerging opportunities, and lucrative avenues. The study highlights technological advancements in solutions and hardware and evaluates their impact on the strategic dynamics. The report takes a closer look at recent research and development (R&D) activities in major regions such as North America, Europe, Southeast Asia, with a focus on China, Japan, and India. 

The drive for drones for wind turbine inspection drones stems from the constantly pressing need for doing away with time-consuming, cumbersome, and often dangerous process of inspecting windmills in onshore as well as offshore segments. The intensifying demand for inspection technologies that can identify damage and help in streamlining the overall maintenance in wind farms is a notable factor boosting the market. The advent of unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) equipped with high-definition camera technologies that help in inspection from close quarters is a key factor boosting the market. Decreasing labor cost, reduction in inspection times, and increase in frequency are some of the compelling propositions stoking the demand for wind turbine inspection drones. 

The increasing adoption of UAVs in regular inspection of wind turbines equipped with an advanced data collection process is accentuating the growth of the market. The spiraling investment in wind onshore and offshore projects in a number of developing and developed economies is a crucial factor expected to boost the market over the forecast period. The increasing pace of commercialization of drones in developed nations bodes well for the overall wind turbine inspection market. 

In recent years, autonomous drones for various industrial applications have gathered steam. The growing popularity of self-piloted drones in the inspection of wind turbines is attributed to advanced damage identification system these offer. The growing focus of proactive and protective maintenance for windmills is a noticeable factor fortifying the demand for wind turbine inspection drones. 

The increasing use of damage identification algorithms that meet industry standards bodes well for the market. Recent advancements in inspection technology has moved beyond visual inspections is a significant factor accentuating the growth of the market. 

The growing number of strategic partnerships and collaborations are positively contributing to the growth of the market. The inclusion of cost-effective inspection methodologies is a notable trend catalyzing the growth of the market. 

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Recent industry developments in developed nations focus on improving the business case for UAVs. This is likely to provide a substantial fillip to the market in the years to come. The growing demand for drones that work equally efficiently in inclement weather conditions is also favorably contributing to the growth of the wind turbine inspection market. Advancement in data collection systems also bodes well for the market. The additional use of drones meant for wind turbines inspection for site surveillance has positively affected the growth trajectory of the market. 

A number of favorable regulations in prominent markets such as the U.S. are expected to bolster their uptake over the assessment period. The ease of getting certification for operators also augurs well for the market. Several product developments are focused on fully automating drones used for inspection activities. This is likely to open up exciting avenues for market players. The adoption  of on-destructive test methods for automated drones is a welcome industry initiative in this regard. 

The major application segments are military UAV and civil UAV. 

Key players operating in the wind turbine inspection drones market are DroneView Technologies, Eagle Eye Solutions, DJI, AutoCopter, AeroVision Canada, Aerialtronics, AIRPIX, Aeryon Labs, UpWind Solutions, Strat Aero, and Cyberhawk Innovations Limited. 

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