Need for Gaining Improved Data about Consumers Fuels Progress in Wi-Fi Analytics Market

Published On : 10 Dec 2018

The world of internet has evolved dramatically over the past two decades, ever since this service became commercially available at affordable costs. And with the advent of wireless provision of internet that followed after cable and broadband services became highly popular, has made many people start using Wi-Fi services. As Wi-Fi is now a standard source of internet across different communities in residential as well as commercial spaces, a distinct Wi-Fi analytics market exists from a global perspective.

Increasing Usage of Smart Devices Boosts Market

A rapid surge in the utilization of smartphones, laptops, tablet PCs, wearables, and other devices that require internet services to be of utmost use to customers is majorly responsible for driving the global Wi-Fi analytics market. Moreover, a rising demand for gaining detailed insights about consumers and buying parties in different domains and making better informed decisions about their interests also is driving the global Wi-Fi analytics market’s growth. In addition, fast-paced urbanization and industrialization too have increased the demand for hi-tech gadgets, thereby contributing towards the use of analytical procedures for making use of Wi-Fi services. Lastly, with numerous companies pouring extensive amounts of money to develop their Wi-Fi services, the market is expected to grow with leaps and bounds in the near future.

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High Costs of Developing Wi-Fi Solutions Stunt Growth

However, it might be expensive for businesses having less disposable income to develop costly Wi-Fi analytical solutions, thereby posing as a key restraint to the global Wi-Fi analytics market. In addition, developing quality analytical solutions might be highly complex. With a lack of experienced and skilled workers in remote and underdeveloped regions, this market is yet to develop significantly in these geographical extents. The existence of security breaches in Wi-Fi solutions and services also hinder the market’s growth. However, increasing penetration of smart devices in almost all parts of the globe followed by extensive efforts undertaken by Wi-Fi solution providers to market their products is expected to offset these hindrances.

Competition to Intensify with Increasing Number of Players in Future

Owing to the presence of a large number of players, a high degree of competition exists in the global Wi-Fi analytics market. Most of the market players are imparting a lot of focus on providing high quality services to their customers. This strategy aims at improving customer retention and expanding revenue generation. With new players being projected to enter the market in forthcoming years, the competition is expected to get tougher. Many companies are undertaking extensive research and development to enhance their Wi-Fi analytical solutions. Purple, GoZone WiFi, MetTel, July Systems, Bloom Intelligence, Cloud4Wi, Telstra, Cisco Systems, Ruckus Wireless, Hughes Systique, Blix, and Nyansa, are key players operating in the global Wi-Fi analytics market, among several others.

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