Increasing Demand for Cost-effective Patient Care Drives Global Wearable Medical Devices Market

Published On : 27 Jun 2016

As consumers around the world become more health conscious, demand for novel gadgets enabling them monitor their health round-the-clock will increase at a robust pace. has recently added a report to its collection that presents insights into the growth trajectory of the wearable medical devices market worldwide. The report is titled “Global Wearable Medical Devices Market Professional Survey Report 2016” and is available on the company’s website for sale.

Smart wearables have emerged as the latest technology to make a foray into the healthcare industry. With automation becoming the center of modern lifestyle, the advent of these gadgets is anticipated to up the quality of living of contemporary consumers. Wearable medical devices are integrated with unique features rendering patients an effective medium for keeping track of their daily progress.

The demand for wearable medical devices has also significantly increased among fitness enthusiasts looking to invest on these gadgets to keep a track of their daily activities. Despite experts touting these gadgets as being equally helpful for patients suffering from chronic illnesses, they are less willing to make similar purchases. This indecisiveness among patients adversely impacts the prospects of the global wearable medical devices market.

Nevertheless, the launch of new devices and growing awareness regarding benefits offered by them will boost the global wearable medical devices market in the near future. The majority of medical wearable devices can be timed to remind patients about taking timely medications. Furthermore, these devices also present an attractive platform for patients and physicians to share information and collaborate on effective health strategies. Information provided by wearable medical devices can help physicians with comprehensive diagnosis and monitoring of chronic health conditions. These devices therefore provide efficient care, thus reducing hospital-based expenditure.

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Wearable medical devices are mostly connected with features such as an alerting mechanism, real-time feedback, wireless data transmission, and more. Data generated by these devices can be used to ensure better health management thereby enhancing patient care. With the development of wireless communication and miniaturization of sensor technology, shifting clinical monitoring beyond hospitals has become possible. The advent of wearable medical devices is expected to help patients and their families monitor their health at home. The growing demand for home healthcare services will therefore boost the global wearable medical devices market in response.

The report presents a holistic analysis of various factors influencing the market’s present dynamics. It also studies in detail the impact of these factors on the market’s future outlook. To present an executive-level blueprint of the market, leading enterprises such as Google Inc., Philips Healthcare, Medtronic Plc, and others are also profiled in the report. Regionally, the market has been witnessing the most lucrative prospects in Asia Pacific. 

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