Rising Demand for Wastewater Treatment Services to ride on back on Implementation of Environmental Regulations on Water Conservation

Published On : 29 May 2018

Across the global, the rapid pace of urbanization and industrialization in numerous emerging economies has resulted in vast production of wastewater. This calls for sewage treatment solutions and services for the removal of various impurities and contaminants in the wastewater. The treated wastewater can then be discharged back into the water cycle or for further reuse, with minimal environmental impact. The methods of discharging and the techniques of wastewater treatment are increasingly governed by numerous governmental regulations in various countries. 

There are plethora of wastewater treatment services offered for the operation of these plants in various end-use industries.  These services and associated programs offered under them mainly govern the performance of these systems and optimize the cost of wastewater treatment. Some of the popular services offered are building and installation, design and engineering consulting, and operation and process control, and maintenance and repair activities. 

Wastewater Generation in Several End-use Industries to propel Demand for Treatment Services

According to estimates by QYResearchReports.com., the global market will witness a bright prospect driven by the rising demand for wastewater treatment services in various end-use industries. There is substantially rising demand for treatment services from wastewater generated from numerous end-use industries such as power generation, chemical, pharmaceutical, oil and gas, pulp and paper, food and beverages production, and metal and mining. Treatment services are also witnessing promising demand in the residential sector in developed nations. In addition, the commercial sector has potential demand for these services for managing their wastewater treatment plants. The demand for such services among business for their aerated wastewater treatment systems is a case in point. 

Burgeoning Global Manufacturing Industries to bolster Demand 

The rising number of manufacturing units in various industries in various developing and developed nations is also fortifying the demand for wastewater treatment services. Various initiatives for zero liquid discharge, especially in the oil and gas industry, is imparting a robust momentum to the uptake of wastewater treatment services. 

The market is also likely to benefit from customized solutions gathering steam. The substantial and sustained focus of governments in several countries on the protection of water resources is robustly catalyzing the demand for these services. 

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The growing number of initiatives by governments and private players in constructing onsite wastewater treatment plants and the rise in related projects will open up exciting avenues for treatment services providers. Such initiatives in developed countries are increasingly being taken by industrial units and focus on the biological treatment of industrial effluents.

Businesses in end-use industries are also harping on bringing upgrades to their wastewater treatment equipment. This has also opened a new scope for further reuse of treated wastewater in their other manufacturing plants. The search for less-energy intensive processes in wastewater treatment will bring technology advancements in the market over the years. 

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