Presence of Large Number of Players Delivers a Highly Competitive Landscape to Global VoIP Services Market

Published On : 12 Dec 2016 has announced the addition of a report studying the prospects of the global VoIP market. The report is titled “Global VoIP Market Research Report 2016,” and is available for sale on the company website. It provides a holistic overview of the various factors supporting the market’s growth and also lists down the restraints posing threat to the market. It presents a detailed assessment of the market’s vendor landscape analyzing the profiles of the most prominent companies operating therein. Compiled with the intent of updating stakeholders about the prevailing market dynamics, the report includes exhaustive data sourced through extensive primary and secondary research.

The market is forecast to record phenomenal growth through 2016, spurred by the advent of LTE services and the ubiquity of 3G. VoIP has a low total cost of ownership, which is a key factor supporting its higher uptake worldwide. The VoIP technology enables integration between voice communication and data traffic into a single network, thereby reducing the total TCO associated with combined data or voice network. Furthermore, the integration of several media types such as video, voice, and data into a single network helps eliminating maintenance and infrastructure redundancies, which in turn is likely to reduce operational and capital costs. 

Based on product type, the global VoIP market is segmented into phone-to-phone, computer-to-phone, and computer-to-computer. By application, the market has been segmented into individual consumers and corporate consumers. Regionally, the report has classified the market into Europe, North America, Japan, China, Taiwan, and Korea. The factors promoting the growth of the market across the regional segments and those creating bottlenecks inhibiting the market’s expansion is studied in the report in detail.  

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The global VoIP market offers lucrative prospects for the participants. While this has resulted in the presence of an increased number of companies, it also made the competition prevailing in the market even more intense. Hence, a majority of the enterprises are engaging into collaborations with OEMs and adopting smart pricing strategies to expand their market share. They are seen investing in various consumer awareness programs, superior customer services, free trials and advertising, and innovation mechanisms to strengthen their market position. 

Comcast, Microsoft (Skype), Verizon, KT, Vonage, Time Warner Cable, Cox, Numericable-SFR, NTT, Orange, Charter, Cablevision, Telmex, AT & T, Rogers, Shaw Communications, MITEL, Liberty Global, TalkTalk, Ring Central, Sprint, KDDI, and 8x8 are some of the key players operating in the global VoIP market. 

The report provides detailed profiles of the aforementioned companies. Besides including the basic information about the companies profiled and their respective product portfolios, the report also analyzes their manufacturing base, recent strategies adopted by them, and their impact on the overall market operation. It thus compiles exhaustive information aimed at assisting both existing businesses and new players create winning strategies in the near future.

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