Rising Trend of Gaming on Consoles and Mobile Phones to Fuel Demand for VR Helmets

Published On : 12 Sep 2016

A new report on the global virtual reality (VR) helmet market has been recently added to the repository of QYResearchReports.com. The research study, titled “Global Virtual Reality (VR) Helmet Market Research Report 2021,” offers a complete overview of this market considering its historical as well as current performance. Key trends and growth prospects of this market have also been analyzed in order to estimate its performance over the next few years.

According to the research report, the rising trend of gaming on both, consoles and mobile phones, is expected to boost the demand for VR helmets significantly across the world. Approximately 1.2 billion consumers play video games globally, in which, mobile gamers account for a share of nearly 85%. This factor creates a massive growth opportunity for VR headsets. Currently, VR helmets are relatively less costly, which is resulting in their increased adoption. Analysts expect this trend to remain thus over the forecast period.

Apart from this, VR is also expected to emerge as a prominent platform for content streaming and online shopping. For instance, Oculus, in collaboration with Story Studio, has recently introduced Oculus Rift, a platform for VR movie creation.

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In addition to this, the global VR helmet market is also projected to be influenced greatly by the VR experience in online shopping. As VR helmets will provide a similar shopping experience to consumers as shopping stores, albeit in the comfort of their homes, their demand is likely to increase significantly in the near future.

The report identifies Europe, North America, South East Asia, Japan, India, and China as the main regional markets for VR helmets across the world. Various segments of the worldwide market for VR helmets, based on the product and the application, have also been discussed in this report with exhaustive information, considering their historical as well as current performance in various regional markets.

Furthermore, the report provides the growth trajectory of each of the segments, worldwide as well as in each of the regional markets. It also talks about the existing and the upcoming ventures in the global market for VR helmets at length, which makes this study of special value for participants operating in this market.

The study also examine the competitive landscape of the worldwide market for VR helmets by profiling the key market participants. The market demonstrates a fragmented structure with a large pool of local and international players operating in it. VIRGLASS, Meizu, Tralean, Lenovo, Sony, LeTV, MATE, LG, Huawei, Leapower, Oculus, HAORUI, Avegant, Focalmax, Apple, GLAXXES, HTC, Razer, Carl Zeiss, and Samsung are some of the leading players in this market, states the research report.  
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