Global Video Intercom Devices and Equipment Market Sees a Visible Shift from Analog to IP-based Products

Published On : 16 Nov 2018

Video intercom device are the technologically advanced video-based internal communication devices and equipment that are used to improve the security of a premise by allowing the proper verification of everyone that enters the premise through a designated entrance. As security has become a major concern for homeowners owing to the rising numbers of burglaries and forced entry attempts, the preference to advanced video intercom devices and equipment has significantly increased.
The market has witnessed a vast rise in the number of companies designing and manufacturing advanced varieties of video intercom devices and equipment in the face of rising demand across the globe. The easy availability of such products across the globe has increased their consumer base, expanding the scope of the market massively. The market is likely to expand at a promising pace in the next few years as well, as rising disposable incomes in emerging economies make these systems more affordable to consumers. The demand has also increased for such systems in a number of industrial and commercial spaces. As a result, the global market for video intercom devices and equipment is expected to rise massively in the next few years.
IP-based Products Gain Increased Popularity

There has been a notable shift in consumption patterns from analog video intercom devices and equipment to IP-based devices in the past few years and IP-based devices currently account for the dominant share in the overall market. This shift can be chiefly attributed to the incredible flexibility provided by IP-based systems, especially when it comes to government and commercial applications.

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It has also been observed that central security management systems work more efficiently with the help of IP-based video intercom systems, enabling better communication between the controller and the entrance stations, irrespective of the distance between the two. The possible use of economical cloud-based systems when using IP-based also works in favour of these systems. The demand for IP-based video intercom devices and equipment is likely to remain strong in the next few years as well.
North America and Asia Pacific to Remain Leading Regional Markets

From a geographical standpoint, the market for video intercom devices and equipment in North America is presently the most lucrative and is likely to remain so in the next few years as well. Factors such as high preference on personal and organizational security, rising numbers of terrorism acts, high disposable incomes, and a well-established technological infrastructure supporting advanced security systems. The presence of some of the leading players in the security systems industry also makes the region a key contributor of growth opportunities to the overall video intercom devices and equipment market.
While the North America region is likely to continue to contribute a vast share of revenue to the global market in the next few years as well, the market in Asia Pacific is expected to emerge as the regional market with the most promising set of growth opportunities owing to the increased focus on the development of smart cities and rising disposable incomes in emerging economies in the region.

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