Global Vehicle Side Airbag Sales to Grow Substantially Through 2021, Low-cost but Safe Airbags to see Maximum Demand

Published On : 12 Oct 2016

With passenger safety standards becoming more stringent in developed countries and gradually coming into force in developing countries, automotive airbag sales have already reached a record high. In many markets, airbags have thus far remained a feature limited to high-end vehicles but auto manufacturers are feeling the pressure from governments to include airbags as a standard feature even in entry-level vehicle models. Global vehicle side airbag sales are expected to gain immensely from these moves until 2021, a new report featured on states. The report is titled, ‘Global Vehicle Side Airbag Sales Market Report 2021’ and is offers 100 pages of data-rich analysis.

All through 2016, leading vehicle manufacturers were hounded by regulatory authorities on account of airbag-related defects. Leading companies such as Ford, Honda, and Toyota have recalled thousands of vehicle models in recent years on account of faulty airbags. While this might have dented global vehicle side airbag sales in the short term, the scenario is expected to be brighter in the long run as companies find ways to produce more reliable airbags. With programming modules for airbag control also undergoing tweaks and improvements, consumer confidence in airbags is gradually being reinstated. This will help sales of vehicle side airbags pick up speed until 2021, the report forecasts. 

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For the purpose of this study, the global vehicle side airbags market has been segmented on the basis of type, application, and geography. By type, the report shears the market down to side tubular airbags, curtain airbags, and aide torso airbags. Likewise, on the basis of application, the report segments the market into multiple segments. Basis geography, the report studies the vehicle side airbag markets in Southeast Asia, Europe, North America, China, and Japan. 

For a complete competitive overview of global vehicle side airbag sales, the report studies the developments reported by leading companies in this space. These include: Takata, Autoliv, Neaton Auto Products Manufacturing, Delphi Automotive, TRW Automotive Holdings, and East Joy Long Motor Airbag. 

Customers’ increasing willingness to spend more money on safer vehicles will translate into increased sales of vehicle side airbags. The report also states that efforts afoot to deploy airbags in two wheelers will further aid the growth of the global vehicle side airbag market. Moreover, emergent opportunities for side airbags in military, homeland security, and aerospace sectors will also take the market further toward growth and expansion, finds the report. The study has been compiled by a team of seasoned automotive research specialists. All findings have been verified by an independent panel of experts to ensure that the outcomes of the study are both objective and reliable.  



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