Global Umbilical Cord Stem Cells Market: Growing Scope for Treating Diseases and Disorders in Adults to Impel Growth

Published On : 06 Sep 2016

The ability of umbilical cord stem cells to overcome many of the shortcomings and complications associated with blood transfusion has helped in the creation of a global, multibillion dollar umbilical cord stem cells market. A new report that is now available on studies in detail the factors that will encourage the growth of the global umbilical cord stem cells market and provides specific recommendations for growth. The report is titled, ‘Global Umbilical Cord Stem Cells Market Research Report 2021.’

Although cord blood came into the spotlight in the late 1980s for proving useful in treating blood diseases in children, its real commercial potential was only realized several years later when it was observed that several disorders among adults could also be treated using cord blood. With the outcomes of adult umbilical cord blood transplantation having dramatically improved over the last decade, there is now a growing popular acceptance for it. This has resulted in an unprecedented number of public and private cord blood banks coming up, further driving the growth of the global umbilical cord stem cells market. 

Despite a positive long-term outlook for the global umbilical cord stem cells market, there are a few challenges that may slow down the growth of the market. The greatest limitation currently is that blood from a single umbilical cord for the purpose of cord blood transplantation contains fewer haematopoeitic stem cells than what would be obtained via bone marrow donation. A common technique to counter this drawback is to obtain blood from two umbilical cords – a concept known as double cord blood transplant. Although this technique has shown encouraging results in clinical trials, it continues to limit the scope of umbilical cord stem cells in treating adults in the short term. 

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A key opportunity in the global umbilical cord stem cells market is the increasing clinical evidence coming to the fore about umbilical cord stem cells being useful in treating more than just blood diseases. For instance, reports suggesting the ability of umbilical cord stem cells to repair cardiovascular tissues could lead to a major breakthrough in the coming years. However, these possibilities will remain limited to research facilities until scientists can find ways to reproduce the desired results in different patients. 

The leading companies that have established a firm standing in the global umbilical cord stem cells market have been profiled and analyzed in the report. These companies include NeuroNova AB, Neuralstem, NeuroGeneration, ReNeuron Limited, StemCells, Asterias Biotherapeutics, STEMCELL Technologies, Thermo Fisher Scientific, Axol Bio, and Lonza. 

This report studies the global umbilical cord stem cells market in North America, Europe, Southeast Asia, China, India, and Japan. The market is studied based on the following product types: Type I, type II, and type III. The key application areas studied include: hospitals, medical care, and laboratories.  
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