Global Tyre Curing Press Market Recovering Pace after Taking A Beating on Account of Economic Slowdown in China

Published On : 08 Jun 2017 has added a new research report to its repository, titled, “Global Tyre Curing Press Market Professional Survey Report 2017.” It studies the different facets of the market after segmenting it based on various parameters. It sheds light on the size of the market both in terms of value and volume and on its competitive dynamics too. It also presents a qualitative analysis of the various growth drivers and restraints in the market.

The global tyre curing press market saw stellar growth till 2014. At the forefront of driving growth in the market was the flourishing automobile industry. However, the market was dealt a hammer blow by the drastic slowdown of economic growth in China, which is considered the main driver of automobiles and tyres market. This has led to a downswing in the global tyre curing press market. The market was worth US$1089.39 mn in 2016 and is predicted to reach US$1010.67 mn dollars by 2017. From then on, the market is slated to chart an upward trajectory again to reach a value of US$1026.87 mn.

The report finds that the global market for tyre curing press has been undergoing a transition over the past few years on account of the continued progress in technology and the rapid growth in infrastructural development projects. The increasing spending power of people across the world and rapid urbanization are helping the tyre curing press market to gather steam again. Rising investor interests and funding from the governments along with the rising trend of automation are also predicted to have a positive influence on the market.

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Depending upon type, the global tyre curing press market can be segmented into mechanical curing press, hybrid curing press, and hydraulic curing press. The mechanical curing presses hold the mold closed though toggle linkages. The hydraulic presses leverage hydraulic oil as the main mover for machine motion, and lock the mold with a breech-lock mechanism. Hydraulic curing presses cost less as they do not have to withstand the mold-opening pressure and hence can be comparatively lightweight. 
Based on application, the global market for tyre curing press can be further divided into ordinary tyre and radial tyre. Regional markets studied in the report are North America, Europe, Southeast Asia, China, Japan, and India.

The report particularly focusses on the raw materials and equipment, which are the two main components in the global market for tyre curing press. It studies raw material costs and equipment and presents information on their suppliers. The report also casts a glance at the labor and other operational costs and discusses various policies and regulations likely to impact the trajectory of the market.

The report leverages both primary and secondary research to gather crucial information on the market. To assess the competition in the global market for tyre curing press, the report leverages market-leading analytical tools. Some of the key companies mentioned in the report are MHIMT, HF TireTech, Kobe Steel, Larsen & Toubro, Hebert, McNeil & NRM, Specific Engineering, Alfred Herbert, ROTAS, and Rogers.


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