Increased Usage in Medical Devices and Home Automation Products to Help Global Terminal LCD Display Market Remain Lucrative

Published On : 14 Nov 2018

The global market for terminal LCD displays has witnessed vast expansion and adoption in the past few years as the LCD technology became more refined and economical for use in all kinds of applications – small and large, costly and cheap. The market has also gained increased traction over the years owing to the vast rise in the use of connected electronic devices and home automation systems across the globe. With the global demand for these products likely to rise at a steady pace in the near future, the market for terminal LCD displays is also likely to surge. The rising preference for home automation display panels among consumers is also anticipated to boost the demand for these displays across the world in the near future.

Demand to Remain High in Medical Equipment and Diagnostic Products

Some of the key applications of terminal LCD displays are found in home automation products, medical equipment, HMI industrial products, diagnostic products, and displays in the retail sector. Predominantly, the demand for terminal LCD displays is more profound in medical equipment and diagnostic device, with the application segment accounting for a notable piece of the revenue pie of the global market.

Vast technological advancements witnessed in the field of medical devices in the past few years and the rising trend of adopting technologically advanced tools and devices in the healthcare sector in a number of emerging economies are all working in favor of the global terminal LCD displays market. The high efficiency and economical nature of these displays as compared to a number of other display technologies are likely to keep their demand high in medical equipment and diagnostic devices in the next few years as well.

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Terminal LCD Displays to Witness Immense Demand in Asia Pacific

From a geographical standpoint, the market for terminal LCD displays in North America has gained a significant share in the overall market over the past few years and the regional market continues to stay ahead in terms of technological developments and adoption. The presence of several leading companies in the region, the high usage of technologically advanced medical devices in the region’s healthcare sector, and high demand for smart home solutions have worked favorably for the regional market and continue to drive it.

The market in Asia Pacific, on the other hand, is likely to emerge as the regional market with the most promising set of growth opportunities in the next few years. This will be made possible by the rising demand for terminal LCD displays in a number of application areas across industries such as healthcare and industry automation in countries such as India, China, Japan, South Korea, and Australia. With a thriving industrial sector and the increased funds being spent on adoption of automation to improve the efficiency of processes and operations, the demand for terminal LCD displays is also likely to remain high.

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