Competition in Global Surface Mount Technology (SMT) Equipment Market Set to Rise with New Players Entering It

Published On : 27 Dec 2018

Surface-mount technology (SMT) typically finds application in building electronic circuits in which components are mounted onto the surface directly. Most of the commercial electronics products these days consist of complicated circuitry fit into small spaces. To accomplish this, components need to be mounted directly onto the circuit board instead of being wired. This surface mount technology (SMT) has spawned the global surface-mount technology (SMT) equipment market.

Competition in the global surface-mount technology (SMT) equipment market is intense with nimble players pulling out all stops to outpace their rivals. This is because of the ample room to profit in the market. This factor is also drawing prospective players into the global surface-mount technology (SMT) equipment market.

Explosion in Electronic Products Driving Global Surface-mount Technology (SMT) Equipment Market

At the forefront of driving the global surface-mount technology (SMT) equipment market is the large number of electronic products that are being manufactured using SMT. SMT steals a march over the traditionally routed circuits. Its biggest advantage, for example, is automated production and soldering. This not just saves time but also costs, thereby bringing down the market price of the products. Further, less holes need to be drilled onto circuit boards in surface mount devices (SMD). The SMD also have better performance under shake and vibrations.

The global surface-mount technology (SMT) equipment market is receiving a major fillip from the efforts of various players to come up with more developed products. As a result, the application areas are increasing too. Those include smartphones, mobile phones, display systems, healthcare instruments, and computers.

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Wearable Devices Drives Demand for Surface Mount Technology (SMT) Equipment Market 

End use industries fuelling demand in the global surface mount technology (SMT) equipment market are aerospace and defense, automotive, healthcare, and consumer electronics. Among them, currently consumer electronics is generating most demand and sales. The market is set to rise owing to the growing popularity of wearable devices. In the near term, the healthcare sector is expected to create most of the demand in the global surface mount technology (SMT) equipment market. Surging adoption of electronics and automated products in healthcare industry is the main reason behind the interest in SMT.

South Korea, China, and Japan Mainly Fuelling Sales in SMT Equipment Market

The global surface-mount technology (SMT) equipment market is mainly being buoyed by the demand from China, South Korea, and Japan. The three nations are leading markets for printed electronics circuit board in consumer electronic products such as Light Emitting Diode (LED), smart phones, computer, tablet, and Liquid Crystal Display. Other nations bolstering the Asia Pacific surface-mount technology (SMT) market are Thailand and Indonesia. North America is another promising region. The rising sales of latest smartphones and laptops, healthcare instruments, and others is mainly stoking the market in the region. 

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