Global Stent Grafts Market to Expand at Competent CAGR of 9.16% between 2017 and 2022

Published On : 06 Jun 2017

The global stent grafts market has been anticipated by top industry analysts to attain a revenue valuation of US$4.3 bn by the end of 2022 while rising at a 9.16% CAGR applicable for the forecast period 2017–2022. In 2016, the global stent grafts market had earned around US$2.5 bn. All of these vital findings and more aspects have been presented in a market intelligence publication added by, titled “Global Stent Grafts Industry 2017 Market Research Report.”

This report is not only a comprehensive study of the current standing of the world stent grafts market but also its future outlook. The annual forecasts and estimates offered here date back from 2012 through 2022, where 2012–2017 is considered as the review period and 2017–2022 as the analysis period. The authors of the report have started off with a fair overview of the stent grafts industry, explaining significant aspects such as definitions and specifications, classifications such as thoracic aortic aneurysm (TAA) and abdominal aortic aneurysm (AAA) stent grafts, and applications such as peripheral stent grafts and aortic stent grafts.

Further, the authors have shed light on the industry chain structure of the world stent grafts market. Alongside a broad overview of the industry, the report has discussed the global status of the stent grafts market in major regions. Industry policy and news analysis is another interesting subject that has been included in the report. The analysis of the manufacturing cost structure of the world stent grafts market includes an important evaluation of the price and suppliers of raw materials such as medical polymers and stainless steel. Other types of analysis include an evaluation of equipment price and suppliers and labor and other costs.

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The analysis of technical data and manufacturing plants provided in the publication could be key for players as it unveils critical pieces of information such as establishment date and capacity, headquarters, and brand of top global manufacturers. In respect of manufacturer, type, and region, the analysts have estimated the revenue, production, and capacity of stent grafts besides other factors such as gross margin, cost, price, sale price, and consumption volume and value. However, the sale price of stent grafts has been evaluated according to region and application.

Top geographies such as Japan, China, Europe, and North America of the international stent grafts market have been extensively analyzed in the report in terms of consumption, export, import, supply, revenue, cost, price, production, and capacity. Toward the end of the report, the analysts have provided a decisive conclusion of the industry that could prove significant for players looking to expand their presence in the international stent grafts market. Interested parties have been provided with an analysis of end-buyer, channel, and ex-work price, traders and distributors, and marketing channels. The report also offers a study about the upstream activities of major equipment and raw material suppliers and downstream activities of major consumers.

Leading companies such as Bard, Endologix, Gore, Cook Medical, and Medtronic have been meticulously assessed by the researchers over crucial factors such as revenue, cost, price, production, and capacity.


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