Demand for Better Coverage of Live Sport Action Fuels Opportunities for Sport Camera Sales

Published On : 26 Sep 2016

In a new report, titled “Global Sport Camera Sales Market Report 2021,” added to the repository of, a comprehensive overview of the global sport camera market is provided. It discusses the various factors influencing the market’s trajectory through 2021. Experts project the global sports camera market to exhibit strong growth in the forthcoming years. However, factors such as lengthening replacement cycle will cause the growth to slow. 

The application of action cameras for professional usage has exponentially rise since 2011. With the increasing number of sports events covered globally, the use of sport cameras market is likely to increase for providing better viewing experience. Over the next few years, the traditional cameras are thus expected to be replaced by action cameras for capturing the closer details of any event. The segment is likely to gain tremendous impetus in the near future. 

Leading vendors of action cameras such as GoPro and iON have already entered into contracts with NHL and FLW to cover major sport events. This has the potential of creating favorable opportunities for the global sport camera sales market. 

With TV broadcasting companies realizing the value of using action cameras, security departments have found considerable value in the application of the same, which is further expected to augment the growth of the action camera segment in the forthcoming years. Analysts expect the use of action cameras integrated with drones to increase due to the rising security concerns globally. Drones enable live recording and aerial photography because of which they have found considerable usage during live sport events. 

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LifeLine Response, which is considered a leading vendor in the drone market, has developed an app for smartphone that can fly drone to the required location. Likewise, several other vendors are slated to launch similar product lines. Spurred by these factors, the demand for sport camera is projected to rise significantly in the coming years. 

Until recently, consumer sales primarily for extreme sports have accounted for a majority of the global demand for sport camera. However, professional sales are likely to accelerate spurred by the demand for law, enforcement, and security agencies and TV production. 

Currently GoPro holds dominance in the action camera market, but it is seeing rising competition from the likes of Sony (SNE) and Garmin (GRMN). Due to the product innovation and differentiation undertaken, these companies have contributed in a great deal of development over the last few months. 

The report provides a 360 degree analysis of the trajectory exhibited by the market in the last few years. It also gauges the factors that are likely to influence the market’s growth until 2021. The impact of changes in broadcast policies on the market is also studied in detail. 


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