Rising Use of Solder Paste in Semiconductors Sector to Encourage Market Growth

Published On : 25 May 2017

A new market research report offers a thorough overview of the global solder paste industry and highlights the major factors that are predicted to influence the overall development of the market over the next few years. The 121-page research report, titled “Global Solder Paste Industry Report 2017,” provides insights into the primary applications, key segmentation, and regional outlook of the market. In addition, the research report presents a detailed analysis of the competitive landscape of the global solder paste industry in order to provide a clear understanding for readers and market players.

The flourishing electronics and semiconductors industries across the globe is considered as the key factor estimated to encourage the growth of the global solder paste market throughout the forecast period. The introduction of lead-free solder paste is likely to generate potential growth opportunities for the market leaders operating in the global solder paste industry in the next few years. Thanks to these aspects, the market is projected to register a strong growth rate in the coming years. The research report has provided the forecast statistics of the market, along with the key factors that are expected to boost the demand for solder paste in the near future.

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On the basis of product type, the global industry for solder paste has been divided into no-clean pastes, water soluble pastes, and rosin based pastes. Furthermore, on the basis of application, the market has been categorized into semiconductor packaging and SMT assembly. The leading players in the global solder paste market are projected to focus on research and development activities in order to expand the application base in the next few years. Moreover, the innovations in this field are predicted to offer promising growth opportunities in the near future.

The global solder paste industry has been categorized on the basis of geography into Japan, China, Americas, Taiwan, Korea, and Europe. Among these segments, China is anticipated to witness a high level of growth throughout the forecast period. The rapid growth of this segment can be attributed to the growing demand and the rising manufacturing capacities of solder paste in China in the last few years. On the other hand, Japan, Taiwan, and Korea are anticipated to witness a healthy growth over the forecast period. The market share and the expected growth rate of each regional segment have been provided in the scope of the research report.

The global market for solder paste is characterized by a high level of competition. The leading players in the market are making noteworthy efforts to improve their presence and gain a competitive edge across the globe. Some of the prominent players operating in the solder paste market across the globe are Shenmao Technology, Henkel AG & Co., Kester (ITW), Nihon Superior, Indium Corporation, Inventec, AIM Solder, Yong An Technology, Tamura, Yashida, Shenzhen Kawanda Metal Technology, Tongfang Tech, Shenzhen Bright, Alent (Alpha), KOKI, and Senju Metal Industry. 

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