Global Ski Clothing Market to Expand on Account of Popularity of Adventure Sports and Promotion of Tourism

Published On : 28 May 2018

The global market for ski clothing has been expanding at the back of rising interest for the sports amongst the populace. Skiing is believed to have originated in Scandinavia where it is still very popular amongst the people. Furthermore, the historic significance of skiing across China has also become a reason for the people to take up the sport. Not only is skiing popular amongst enthusiasts of adventure sports but the viewership of skiing activities is also expansive. The sport is mostly practiced in winters and it involves skating on a skiing board across snow clad terrains and passes. In dire circumstances when excessive snow can block roads and passages, skiing is often used as a means of transport under expert supervision. The recognition of skiing as an important sport by the International Ski Federation and International Olympic Committee has further popularized the sport across the world. Hence, the global market for ski clothing is expected to fetch commendable benefits from the rising uptake of the sport across the world. 

QY Research Reports conducted a thorough analysis of al the forces operating in the global market for ski clothing. It is anticipated that the global market for ski clothing would ride along a positive growth path due to the efforts of several sports authorities to popularize skiing. 

1. Growth of Tourism

In recent times, a large number of people are undertaking cross-border and cross-country travel for a variety of purposes. A large host of these travelers include people on adventure or leisure trips who readily perform adventure sports such as skiing. Hence, the growth of the tourism industry has directly influenced the growth of the global market for ski clothing. Furthermore, certain destinations have made special provisions to offer the best skiing experiences to tourists and travelers. This includes provision of better skiing gears, clothing, and trainers, which has further fortified the growth of the global market for ski clothing. 

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2. International Skiing Events

Winter Olympics are an important event for enthusiast of skiing and other related sports. Countries such as North Korea and China have been making ardent efforts to develop state of the art skiing infrastructure for the upcoming winter Olympics of 2022. Furthermore, the popularity of skiing has rising across the European countries where several national and international skiing events are organized. This has also enhanced the prospects of growth for the global market for ski clothing. 

3. Safer Gears and Clothing

In recent times, there has been a rising need for safer ski clothing and gears which has persuaded the manufacturers to offer better products. The availability of safer, durable, and comfortable ski clothing in the market has also driven demand across the globe. 

Some of the leading players in the global ski clothing market are Decathlon, Halti,Nike, Adidas, and The North Face. 

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