Single-use Bioprocessing Systems Demand to benefit substantially from Affordable Biologics

Published On : 27 Sep 2018

Single-use bioprocessing systems essentially comprise of polymeric materials and gained popularity in the biotherapeutics industry riding on the wave of the rapid adoption of single-use technologies for improving the operational efficiencies in bioprocessing. The benefits of scalability underpinned by recent industry transitions is stoking the demand for single-use bioprocessing systems. They are used in a range of applications such as in storage, cell culture, filtration, purification, and mixing, in industry and research. The growing demand for single-use bioprocessing systems among clinical/contract research organizations, especially in developing regions, is catalyzing the rapid expansion of the market. 

According to a report that takes a critical look at the various contours of the dynamics, has projected the demand for single-use bioprocessing systems market. Some of the key product categories are bioreactors, filtration devices, and sampling systems. 

Developments underlying Promising Prospects in Demand for Single-use Bioprocessing System

The market for single-use bioprocessing systems has been witnessing attractive trajectories over the past few years. The growing demand for disposable bioprocessing equipment is expected to fuel the rapid growth of the market. The growing shift toward reducing the cost of sanitization and cleaning of bioprocessing system is bolstering the need for these equipment for their easy disposability.  

These systems have been garnering industry attention for manufacturing affordable biologics in various parts of the world, especially in developing and developed economies. This is fueled by the intensifying need for strategies that can bring down the manufacturing cost of biologics. Coupled with this, the expiry of several blockbuster drugs in various countries is also boosting the demand for single-use bioprocessing systems in manufacturing biologics. Furthermore, governmental regulations in numerous developed countries for reducing the cost of biosimilars are likely to impact substantial fillip to the demand for single-use bioprocessing systems in the in the biotherapeutics industry. Single-use bioprocessing systems are proving to be a promising source for the delivery and storage of biopharmaceuticals. 

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A recent development is the application of single-use bioprocessing systems for manufacturing extractables and leachables (E&L). Scientific studies aimed at unravelling the apt analytical methodology to be used toward this end may open an exciting avenues in the single-use bioprocessing systems market. 

Key Advances shaping Future Prospects 

The rising demand for therapeutics for the treatment and prevention of life-threatening diseases also bodes well for the application of the single-use bioprocessing systems. Advances made in monoclonal antibody may also catalyze the expansion of the market over the assessment period. 

A growing number of biopharmaceutical companies in the single-use bioprocessing systems market are increasingly focused on innovative product launches. Companies whose strategies are likely to watched by market participants are Sentinel Process Systems, Sartorius AG, PBS Biotech, GE Healthcare, Finesse Solutions, Eppendorf AG, and Danaher Corporation

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