Improved Radio Reception to Surge Demand in Global Shark Fin Antenna Market

Published On : 27 Jul 2018

Since a while ago, there are some ‘fin like’ part installed at the top of the cars, which resembles a lot with a fin of the shark. This is known as ‘Shark Fin’ antenna, due to its shape. Almost everyone has noticed this, but a very few of them have paid much heed to it. However, if you are a driver or talking to one, they would know what exactly it is. This is an advanced innovation on the recent vehicles, installed by all the brands on the vehicle’s roof. It is a tiny fin-like fixture.

1. Makes Car Look more Stylish

This fin is nothing but a stylish antenna which is used to catch the signals like any other antenna. Earlier, the antennas were a long pole mostly near the trunk of the car or windshield. These are now replaced by the innovative shark fin antennas which are not only pleasant to look at but also compact. Owing to technological advancement, all the big antennas are replaced with these as it functions the way, with similar capabilities and is more stylish and sleek in look. It is not exactly a Batmobile, but is much more improved from its previous version which was there a few decades back.

2. Shark Fin Antenna are Used for AM/FM Reception

These shark fins are utilized for something other than radio reception as well. Truth be told, a few models may even have the receiver of AM/FM radio installed somewhere else on the vehicle. With regards to the shark fins, in any case, those are frequently used to get different signals, for example, satellite and GPS radio, and mobile data. Consider it for a second: your auto has every one of these abilities to remain associated while travelling, and keeping in mind the end goal to get the signal that transmits this data, it will require some type of an antenna. The shark fin is basically an advantageous and gorgeous method for concealing each one of those antennas.

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3. Convenient Installation Process

There major functions of the shark fin antenna are it enhances the reception of AM/FM radio, it is convenient to install and doesn’t need any drilling. Moreover, it is available in various colors in the market for instance, blue, gray, red, black, and white. It enhances the aesthetic beauty of the vehicle with trendy looks. 

The global shark fin antenna market is divided on the basis of application, type, and region. Based on type, the global market is bifurcated into emit signal and reception signal. As per the type, the shark fin antenna market is classified into shortwave, longwave, and mediumwave.

Some of the key players operating in the global shark fin antenna market include Skyworks (US), TriQuint (US), Avago (US), Infineon (Germany), Vanchip (China), Qorvo (US), RFMD (US), Murata (Japan), Epcos (Germany), and RDA (China).

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