Need to Curb Pollution Due to Vehicles Ups Demand for Selective Catalytic Reduction Systems

Published On : 23 Oct 2018

SCR Gains Momentum as Air Pollution Remains on a Consistent Rise

The growing issue of air pollution has triggered a serious discussions amongst industries about ways to contain it. Mounting pressure from governments and lengthy talks at summits have created a wave of awareness at macro and micro level to take steps to reduce expulsion of polluting substances such as nitrogen oxide (NOx) and carbon oxide (CO2) into the environment. These facts have become the very basis of growing demand for selective catalytic reduction (SCR) systems across the globe. These are especially used by a wide range of industries to reduce the emission of NOx particles from diesel engines. SCR systems are an efficient means to ensure depollution as they ensure conversion of NOx into water vapor and diatomic nitrogen by consistently feeding the exhaust system with aqueous urea solution. The SCR systems are known to operate at an efficiency of 90-95%. All of these factors have steadily contributed toward making a positive case for the global selective catalytic reduction systems market.

The demand for these systems is gaining a quick momentum despite their high cost as there is a growing pressure on automobile manufacturers to ensure fuel-efficient vehicles. The various types of SCR systems available in the market are iron zeolite, copper zeolite, and others such as platinum, palladium, and rhodium amongst others. Out of these, the demand for copper zeolite is expected to remain high in the coming years as it offers a capacity for ammonia storage. The commonly used structure of SCR systems will be the honeycomb structure as it offers regular flow and better coverage of the surface.

Europe to Remain Ahead of Others as Region Remains Vigilante of Carbon Emissions

From a geographic point of view, Europe will hold a lion’s share of the global market for selective catalytic reduction (SCR) systems market. The region will be the pivotal user of these systems as it boasts various prominent players such as Ford Focus & Fusion, Renault Twingo & Talisman, BMW 5 Series & 7 Series, Audi Q7, and Citroen C4 Picasso, who are constantly focusing on developing vehicles that are less harmful to the environment. Additionally, the region is expected to lead as it is well-known to have stringent emission norms as compared to any other region. Meanwhile, Asia Pacific is also is expected to a fast growth rate in the global selective catalytic reduction systems market as India and China boast huge automotive industries.

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The leading players operating in the global selective catalytic reduction (SCR) systems market are Plastic Omnium SA, Faurecia SA, Rochling Group, and Tenneco Inc. These companies are expected to make great investments in research and development for production of SCR systems for both light weight commercial vehicles as well as medium- and heavy-duty commercial vehicles in the near future.

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