Global Quartz Stone Market Driven by Growing Use of Oscillators

Published On : 19 Jun 2017 has added a new research report to its database on the industries of chemicals and materials, titled “Global Quartz Stone Market Research Report 2017.” This in a comprehensive research report on quartz stone starting from the financial year of 2017. It delivers an exhaustive analysis of factors of influence of the global quartz stone market, including its drivers, restraints, and opportunities available for player growth. The report combines deep insights from various industry experts with the purpose of enabling the producers, distributors, and investors to make the right business decisions.

Quartz has been one of the older stones known to man, and holds applications in several industry verticals. The quartz stone can come in a number of variations and colors, each of which can change in utility. While quartz is a naturally occurring material, it can be and is largely produced artificially through synthetic processing. A few types of clear quartz crystals, for instance, can be derived through the stone’s treatment of heat and gamma radiation. Procedures such as these can be used to impart color and mechanical properties to ordinary quartz that may not be found in its naturally occurring variants. Quartz crystals are largely used for their piezoelectric properties, with a common use of quartz being in a crystal oscillator.

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Analysts have prepared this comprehensive report on the Global quartz stone market research report 2017 by performing primary and secondary research, where primary research personifies the most of their research efforts, which is supplemented by an extensive secondary research.

The research report provides a segmented analysis of the global quartz stone market based on the categories of type and applications. Based on types, the market can be divided into quartz tiles, quartz surfaces, measurement apparatus, and other minority segments. Based on applications, the global quartz stone market can be segmented into commercial quartz and residential quartz. Apart from these, the report also provides a regionally segmented outlook of the global quartz stone market, with the key regions of China, Japan, North America, Europe, Southeast Asia, and India in focus.

The report also provides details on the leading players in the global quartz stone market, based on their updated industry profiles, market strategies, and overall business and financial outlook. The list of key players in the global quartz stone market currently includes COSENTINO, Hanwha L&C, Caesarstone, Vicostone, Compac, LG Hausys, Dupont, Santa Margherita, Cambria, SEIEFFE, Quartz Master, Samsung Radianz, Quarella, Zhongxun, Technistone, Bitto (Dongguan), Sinostone, UVIISTONE, OVERLAND, Ordan, Polystone, Gelandi, Meyate, Baoliya, Blue Sea Quartz, and Qianyun. Company websites, financial reports, investor presentations, broker reports, internal and external proprietary database, SEC filings, and the concerned patent and regulatory database have been considered as the key sources for secondary research. Other sources include statistical databases, government documents, and market reports, press releases, news articles, and webcasts of the companies operating in the market.


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