Programmatic Display bring New, Exciting Paradigm in Personalized Digital Advertising Space

Published On : 25 May 2018

Programmatic display has generated widespread interest among marketers and advertisers riding on the wave of the spiraling popularity of personalized digital advertising all over the globe. It garnered wide popularity as an automated means to develop tailor-made content, taking into account individual inclinations and preferences of consumers. With mass advertising losing its sheen with respect to the objectives and purposes it needed to serve, personalized digital advertising gathered remarkable steam over the past few years. Over the years, messages have become more relevant to the targeted customers, ramping up the demand for platforms and technologies behind programmatic display. Unarguably, it opened up a new paradigm in online marketing and branding, drawing more and more customers in online media. 

The rising spend in digital display advertising from players across the world has provided a robust foundation to the expansion of the Programmatic Display Market. The global programmatic display market is headed for an exciting growth through 2025, according to estimates by 

Application of Programmatic Display Solutions Churning out Relevant Personalized Messages for Online Customers 

The rising industry effort to make digital advertising more targeted by the use of data, technology, and platform is a notable trend driving the demand for programmatic display. The growing efforts among advertisers to expand their reach of their target audience is likely to boost the market. As advertisers seek unlock the vast potential of automation, the market for programmatic display will witness upward trend. The need to optimize returns from advertising budget in a fixed time frame in various end-use sectors is key to a burgeoning demand for programmatic display. Adopting more effective measures to evaluate the success of an ad-placement has thrown the relevance of programmatic display in the realm of creative marketing. 

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World over, companies are increasingly engaged in buying and selling of desktop display and video and mobile desktop and video, and FBX file formats using real-time-bidding. The growing popularity of adopting real-time approaches to digital advertising is a key factor that could fortify the uptake of programmatic display.  The adoption of advertisement campaigns to boost customer engagement with brands is also a favorable trend among advertisers. 

Factors underpinning Future of Programmatic Display Solutions

The rising adoption of programmatic buying has resulted in augmenting return on investment (ROI) for many a companies from diverse sectors. The future of programmatic display, unarguably, is lustrous by all measures. The great number of optimization possibilities that will become available for the purchasing of media through programmatic advertising is likely to expected to be a key evolutionary trend, believes some market strategists. A growing number of companies keen on leveraging on the potential of programmatic display are increasing turning to advanced capabilities that big data and internet of things technology bring. This will pave way for some exciting opportunities for them, helping them in devising creative branding strategies. As more and more traditional media delivery come under programmatic technologies in the digital advertisement space in the not-so-distant future, market players will get exposed to new revenue streams. 

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