China Serves Maximum Demand in Global Polycarbonate Doil Market

Published On : 01 Jun 2017

The prestigious repository of now contains a new study, titled “Global Polycarbonate Diol Market Research Report 2017.” The report has been prepared to serve as a dependable business document for the stakeholders connected to the value chain of the global polycarbonate diol market and provides figurative forecasts until 2022. Several leading vendors have also been profiled in the report in order to represent the competitive landscape.

According to the finds of the report, polycarbonate diols are thermoplastic materials that act as the basic building blocks of polyurethane compounds such as thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU), thermoplastic elastomers (TPE), and polyurethane dispersions. These polycarbonate diols exhibit useful properties such as intrinsic flexibility, resistance to oxidative degradation, and hydrolytic stability. Being viscous liquids, the materials can be easily handled at room temperature, offering compatibility with polyols and several solvents. The global polycarbonate market is gaining demand owing to its extensive application in the medical, electronics, automotive, and aerospace sectors, as these materials are temperature resistant, offer optical properties, and has robust impact resistance.

The global polycarbonate diol market is gaining traction from the increasing demand for consumer electronics such as DVDs, Blu-ray Discs. These materials offer insulation from electricity and heat, making them the material of choice for numerous electronic gadgets. The prosperity of the building and construction industry is also reflecting positively on the global polycarbonate diol market, wherein these are used to construct curved or flat domelights covering for greenhouses.

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The aerospace and automotive industry are extending the demand in the polycarbonate market because these lightweight and impact resistant materials are highly useful for cockpit canopies and headlamps. On the other hand, the presence of bisphenol A, which is ecologically harmful, is expected to hinder the growth rate of the global market for polycarbonate during the forecast period of 2017 to 2022. Nevertheless, the incrementing GDP of several emerging economies is expected to open new opportunities for the stakeholders connected to this market.

Based on product, the report segments the global polycarbonate diol market into solid and liquid. Appliction-wise, the market has been categorized into elastomers, adhesives, and coating. Geographically, the report takes stocks of opportunities available in polycarbonate diol market in the regions of North America, Europe, and Southeast Asia as well as in the countries of China, Japan, and India. Currently China is the more lucrative country-wide market, being the most prominent producer as well as the consumer of polycarbonate diols, utilizing it in the electronic and automobile sectors. In North America and Europe, flourishing aerospace market is expected to sustain a significant demand for polycarbonate diols.

Some of the leading companies profiled in this report on the global polycarbonate diol market are Bayer, TOSOH, AsahiKASEI, UBE Chemical, Perstorp, Cromogenia-Units, Baiqing Materials, and Caffaro Industrie.


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