High Risks of Accidents to Trigger Adoption Rate of Platform Screen Doors

Published On : 21 Jun 2017

QYResearchReports.com has announced the addition of a new market intelligence report to its repository titled, “Global Platform Screen Doors (PSD) Sales Market Report 2017.” The market intelligence publication is an in depth scrutiny of the global market with reference to the dynamics at play and the ones that are likely to have an impact, both positive and negative on the growth of the market. The impact of the factors can be both for the long and short term depending on the nature of the market and the dynamic in action. The profile of the leading market players have also been discussed in the report with reference to their products, marketing and publicity strategies, and the level of competition among them. 

Platform screen doors or PSDs at subway stations or trains are used for screening the train from the platform. They are comparatively a new addition to several metro and rail systems across the globe. Some of them have been retrofitted much established systems. These platform screen doors are largely employed in new European and Asian metro systems. Though the terms can be used interchangeably, PSDs can be referred to both half-height and full-height barriers. Half-height platform screen door refer to as doors which are platform edge, as they do not touch the ceiling and do not make a complete barrier. They sometimes reach only till the height of the train and are generally half the size of the full-height ones. The full height PSDs form a complete barrier between the ceiling and the station floor. These two are the only types of platform screen doors that are present in the world. 

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Platform screens doors have variety of functions such as they prevent homicide attempts by pushing, suicide attempts, and accidental falling of people onto the track area. They further reduce or prevent the gush of wind that is felt by passengers which caused due to the piston consequence, which at times makes people lose their balance. Platform screen doors also reduce the risks of severe accidents, mainly from the passing by service trains from stations which run at high speed. They enhance the climate control inside the station such as the air conditioning, ventilation, and heating. It is more operative when the station is isolated from the main tunnel physically and also helps in improving the sound superiority of the announcements being made in the platforms. 

By type, the report segments the market into half-height, semi-closed, and full-closed. By application it is segmented into metro and other transportation. Region-wise, the market is classified into China, Japan, Europe, and the U.S. The leading companies in the market are KTK, Manusa, Shanghai Electric, Panasonic, Stanley, Westinghouse, and Nabtesco, among several others. 


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