Global Pelton Turbine gathering Steam as Energy Recovery Devices in Hydropower Plants

Published On : 03 Jul 2018

Pelton turbine also called pelton wheels is a tangential flow impulse turbine popularly used in hydroelectric power plants. A salient feature of pelton turbine is that its geometry is apt for sites that have high heads-usually—usually over 300 meters—and where water is moving at low flow rates. The wheels operates best at 15–1,800 meters and generates significant power. The operation as well as design of the pelton turbine is simple while it can attract optimum water's impulse energy in the first stage of the hydraulic turbine. The efficiency can be as high as 95% and they are usually easier to install than equivalently-powered Kaplan turbines. Advances in hydraulic engineering have led to new product development with higher efficiency and power.

Factors that Shape Demand Dynamics

Owing to the several benefits of this type of impulse turbine, it has widespread demand in industries such as power generation, aerospace, and marine. The rising worldwide preference in hydropower plants that are characterized by high hydraulic head and low flow rates is a notable factor driving the global pelton turbine market

The advent of high-performance turbines with multi-jet collectors is a lucrative trend in the global pelton turbine market. Businesses in the end-use industries increasingly demand pelton wheels that offers the advantage of less inspection and maintenance and increased plant availability. The use of high-quality abrasion-resistant coating on the surface areas of pelton turbine is also a crucial factor bolstering their applications. 

Rising Government Support to Hydropower Developers for Producing Cheap Electricity imparts Robust Demand Impetus 

Communities in numerous developing and developed nations increasingly seek energy recovery devices and expanding the capabilities of pelton turbines forms a crucial part of their ventures. Such projects also gain strength from the governmental initiatives in these regions to procure cheap electricity to its citizens using hydropower. The growing number of schemes for bigger hydropower plants that use pelton wheels has also unlocked promising prospects for market players. The rising investment by renewable companies on such projects in order to capitalize on the promising gains is catalyzing the growth of the market. The massive support that hydropower developers get from governments in some developed nations augurs well for the demand for pelton turbines. 

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Some of the potentially promising markets for pelton wheels are North America, Europe, Southeast Asia, and the Middle East and Africa. Manufacturers in these regional market are actively engaged in bringing innovations.

Some of the prominent players operating in the pelton turbine market include CWTW, Gilbert Gilkes & Gordon, IMPSA, Hitachi Mitsubishi, Power Machines, Dongfang Electric, Harbin Electric, Toshiba, The Voith GmbH & Co. KGaA, General Electric, and Andritz AG. A few of these players are investing substantially in the manufacturing and construction of more efficient power plant equipment. 

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