Global PCB & PCBA Market: Flourishing Consumer Electronics Industry to Drive Growth Prospects of Market

Published On : 12 Jul 2017

QYResearchReports has added a report, titled “Global PCB & PCBA Market Research Report 2017,” to its expansive database of market research reports. A PCB or printed circuit board electrically connects and mechanically supports electronic components.  Some of the components soldered on printed circuit board include, resistors, capacitors, and active devices. It makes use of conductive pads, tracks, and other features etched from copper sheets laminated onto a non-conductive substrate. A PCBA stands for Printed Circuit Board Assembly, wherein the bare board is stuffed with electronic components to form a PCA or printed circuit assembly. 

Some of the growth factors boosting the global PCA and PCBA market are the thriving electronics industry and communication sector. The demand for PCA and PCBA is also high from the military and aerospace sector. The automotive industry is witnessing tremendous growth owing to a rise in population and with it, an increase in the demand for transportation. This in turn is spelling growth for the global PCB and PCBA market. The medical industry is another application area for printed circuit assembly and printed circuit board assembly. As there is an alarming rise in the incidences of chronic diseases, there is an increasing investment in the development of medical devices. Moreover, technological advancements have also fueled the development of many new medical devices. This is creating a heightened demand for printed circuit assembly and printed circuit board assembly, boosting the market across the globe. 

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Rapid industrialization is being witnessed, especially across the developing nations in Asia Pacific. This is fueling the growth prospects for the global printed circuit assembly and printed circuit board assembly market. The increasing penetration of laptops and computers is another important growth driver for this market. The manufacturing of laptops and computers require PCB and PCBA and thus, the market is anticipated to witness a high growth within the forecast period, states the lead author of this report. 

On the basis of product type, the global printed circuit assembly and printed circuit board assembly market is segmented into Standard Multilayer, Rigid 1-2Sided, HDI, Flexible Circuits, IC Substrate, and Rigid Flex. On the basis of application, the market is segmented into consumer electronics, industrial/medical, computer, military/aerospace, communications, and automotive. 

The report profiles key players operating within the global PCB and PCBA industry for the purpose of study. The business and financial overview of these companies along with their recent developments have been studied in the report. The business strategies employed by these companies to stay in the competitive market have also been discussed in the report. Some of the players in the market are: CCTC, Wuzhou Group, Shinko Electric Ind, Redboard, Kinwong, Shennan Circuits, and Aoshikang. 

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