Global Pasta Makers Market Feeding off Ready-to-Eat Packaged Food Trend

Published On : 15 Jun 2018

The second half of the past century has been among the most peaceful times for humanity and populations have prospered. And in the recent past, urban populations have not remained limited to developed countries as a number of emerging economies have been growing at a steady rate. These urban populations are now earning considerable disposable income and a good chunk of it is being spend on food, and a varieties of them. 

This bon appetite of humanity is reflecting as growing liking of pasta, a dish that had largely remained within a few western countries until recently. A recent business intelligence study available at the has projected that the pasta markers market is poised for a healthy progress during the forecast period of 2018 to 2025. 

Apart from growing interest among populations to try new dishes, the technological advancements to the pasta makers has been another boon for the expanding demand. These electronic products are made according to home use as well as for restaurants who bulk produce pasta. Home pasta makers are time constrained, while restaurant organizations prefer those who can serve quantity. Cost of manual labor to produce pasta can be high and requires skills. On the other hand, pasta makers can save a lot of time with their automated machines and organizations are investing for these makers who make for substantial return of investment.

Growing adoption of robotics among industries to achieve greater efficiencies is another driver of the pasta maker market. With improved efficiencies, organizations can aspire increasing production and compete stronger with their rivals. Additionally, modern pasta makers are adequate at functioning with ingredient experiments, which also entices consumers to invest.

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On the basis of product type, the pasta makers market has been bifurcated into electric and manual. Based on application or end users, the market for pasta makers can be segmented into home use, commercial use, and others. Presently, the commercial use segment provides for the most prominent chunk of demand but home use segment is also steadily rising, as they allow families to ensure that their pasta is of optimum quality and not processed, as blamed on the packed eat pasta.

The food industry is also experiencing a trend of ready-to-eat meal as urban populations are observing a restless lifestyle. Food industry players are innovating their products as well as packaging methods to produce packages that can be simply heated and eaten out of a microwave. This saves considerable time for the customers, who are buying these products out of hypermarkets and supermarkets. 

Marcato, Cucina Pro, Gourmia, Williams-Sonoma, Philips, HomeStart, OxGord, Metro Fulfillment House, Eurodib, Ronco, KitchenAid, Fante's, Weston Roma, and Magic Mill are some of the notable players in the global pasta makers market.

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