Global Nurse Call System Boosted by Rising Instances of Chronic Diseases

Published On : 31 Jul 2018

Global nurse call system market is rising due to two major reasons, increase in chronic diseases and aging population. There are various other factors like launches of new products, advancement in technologies and increase in healthcare expenditure contributing to the rise in global nurse call system market. The system has shifted from the analog to IP based network in the previous few years. The advanced wireless nurse call systems are seeing rapid sales in the market. It is mainly because of the mobility and diagnostic solutions it offers to both nurses and patients. It also gives freedom and comfort to patients. Lastly, the installation of equipment and maintenance cost of wireless nurse call system is comparatively low as compared to wired system.

Development of Healthcare Facilities Egging Companies to Launch New, Efficient Products 

Effective reimbursement policies coupled with rising healthcare costs and increased demand for qualified nurses, has warranted usage of automated processes that are seamless. The nurse call systems help achieve just that. Vendors in the market are seen trying to come up with more effective solutions in this direction. Overall, this can reduce exhaustion of nurses and contribute to workflow effectiveness.

The expensive process of implementation, difficulties in incorporation and compatibility, government regulations, lack of efficient and skilled professionals capable of working on the software are factors negatively affecting the growth in the market for nurse call system. 

Demand for Nurse Call System Spreading Across Regions with Various Applications

Nurse call system finds applications in workflow support, wanderer control, emergency medical alarms, and other implementations. Among them, Emergency medical alarm is expected to contribute the most of the market.

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The global nurse call system market is spread across Asia, Europe, North America and ROW (rest of the world). Asia is predicted to contribute the most to the global nurse call system market over the forecast period because of the large number of diabetic patients and a massive geriatric population in the region.

Collaborations with Hospitals by Nurse Call System Providers Benefits its Market 

The nurse call system market will rise during the forecast period due to increase in old age homes and senior care services. This service ensures safety and privacy of the patient. Tek-CARE is one of the nurse call equipment that helps in keeping track of its patients. Several hospitals are collaborating with providers of web based applications to improvise their workflow. The market players are focused on acquisitions and mergers to acquire powerful platform in the market.

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