Abundance of Raw Materials and Low Production Costs to Augur Well for Niobium Capacitor Manufacturers

Published On : 06 Sep 2016

QYResearchReports.com has announced the addition of a new report, titled “Global Niobium Capacitor Market 2016 Industry, Analysis, Research, Share, Growth, Sales, Trends, Supply, Forecast to 2021,” to its offerings. The projections featured in the report have been derived using information from a number of white papers, press releases, paid databases, journals, and presentations. The various aspects of the market such as technological developments, historical data, competitive landscape, regional analysis, and market dynamics have been taken into account while collating this report on the global niobium capacitor market.

A detailed description of the drivers and restraints for the global niobium capacitor market forms an essential part of the report. The low cost and abundant availability of the raw materials are the key drivers of the market. The increasing demand for optimized and thermally stable electric circuits is fuelling the demand for the niobium capacitor. Moreover, the lead-free assembly of these capacitors is in compliance with government initiatives to reduce lead levels. Furthermore, the benefits offered by the niobium capacitors such as no piezo effect and thermal and mechanical stability have increased their adoption across various technology and media-related industries.

On the other hand, the continuous shortages of high purity niobium metal powders pose a huge challenge to the production of these capacitors. Moreover, ripple current or reverse voltage higher than specified can destroy the dielectric and have catastrophic consequences. The risks associated with operational instability have reduced the interest of end-users. Also, the availability of innovative and smart capacitors, which have longer life and reliability are adversely affecting the sales of the niobium capacitors. However, the development of niobium oxide capacitors is likely to open new avenues for the manufacturers in the global niobium capacitor market.

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The report includes in-depth analysis of the manufacturing cost structure, technical data, manufacturing plants, capacity, revenue, price, production, gross margin, cost, consumption volume, and value. It also offers insights into export, import, supply, and industry chain structure. Upstream raw materials and downstream consumer analysis also form an important part of the report.

For a better understanding, the report has segmented the market based on geography. Each region has been assessed on the basis of its revenue, price, production, market share, and growth rate. Each type has been assessed based on its price, revenue, market share, production, and growth rate. The regions analyzed are the U.S., Europe, China, and Japan.

The report offers a comprehensive evaluation of the competitive landscape of the global niobium capacitor market. The key companies in the market are profiled for their market share, revenue and cost structure, product specification, capacity, latest development, and contact information. Some of the companies profiled in the report are TDK, American Technical Ceramics Corporation, Vishay, Taiyo Yuden, TOKO, United Chemi-Con, Hitachi AIC, Kemet, TE Connectivity AMP Connectors, Rubycon Corp, Panasonic Electronic, Payton, and Murata. 

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