Upswing in Preterm Births to Stimulate Global Newborn Warming Equipment Market Growth

Published On : 26 Sep 2016

Newborn warming equipment plays a critical role in maintaining the thermal stability of infants, making this advantage the single largest influencer in the growing sales of newborn warming equipment. A new report, titled, ‘Global Newborn Warm Equipment Sales Market Report 2021,’ presents the cumulative impact of this and other trends on the market to forecast demand and revenue. Neonatal care equipment, of which newborn warming equipment is an important component, has been experienced heightened demand across the world over the last few years. 

Newborn warming equipment finds uses in the intensive care provided to both newborn and preterm infants. Because some newborn babies experience excessive heat loss, warming equipment is indispensable in helping maintain their body temperature and vital parameters. Heat loss among infants can be a common condition but can escalate into complications if not addressed in time. Newborn warming equipment is also referred to as radiant warmers. These devices are necessary because the body of a newborn has a larger surface area but a low fat content. This disturbs the heat balance maintenance abilities of newborns, necessitating the use of external equipment that can keep infants warm. A gradual rise in the global birth rate has created the need for newborn warming equipment, the report states. 

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Newborn warming equipment is typically placed over an open bed to enable the easy and safe handling of infants. Heat is usually provided through an infrared heat source, where a quartz heater is used for beaming the heat rays in carefully measured intensities. In many instances, thermistor temperature sensors may be embedded in the equipment so as to monitor and control the temperature levels. The demand for portable newborn warming equipment is the highest because it can easily be moved from one location within a healthcare facility to another. 

The report finds that the global demand for newborn warming equipment is expected to register healthy growth on account of the rising incidence of preterm births and an alarming increase in the prevalence of HAIs among neonates. The World Health Organization, for instance, has pegged the number of preterm births occurring worldwide every year at 15 million. 

Companies that are currently at the forefront of newborn warming equipment sales are GE, 
Philips, Phoenix, Ibis, Smiths, and Fisher & Paykel. The report profiles each of these companies in detail to assess their financial standing, market shares in terms of revenue and/or volume, key growth strategies, and future plans. The report studies the global newborn warming equipment market in Europe, North America, China, India, Japan, and Southeast Asia.


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