Changing Music Distribution Trends and Influence of Online Media Portals to Alter Conventional Music Publishing Market Flow

Published On : 25 Jul 2017

Music industry has undergone a lot of changes over the past ten years, thanks to novel avenues of social media network and various media portals online. A latest report added in the repository of titled “Global Music Publishing Market Research Report 2017” talks about the global music publishing market in the overview. The report gives out the primary definitions, segmentation, and the overall chain structure of the music industry. The report on the global music publishing market follows the evolution of the music industry and evaluates its new state of revenue generation. 

In the last few years, there has been a massive change in the distribution of the music publishing market. Conventionally, a music publishing company would give away music compositions through products like CDs and cassettes. But business of CDs and cassettes have been on massive decline and are being replaced by newer sources such as digital streaming, mobile music apps, subscription for wireless music services, and many more. Global media and entertainment industry has seen a great boost in recent years. Key driving factors mentioned in the report are the growing number of new artists, increasing number of songwriters entering the industry, and changing trends of publishing music across the world. 

However, companies in the music publishing market could suffer from losses due to artists who distribute their albums and composition independently. Moreover, the music industry has been facing piracy issue for many years and with the more and more music published digitally, it is becoming harder to curb the online piracy. 

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The international music publishing market is generally segmented on the basis of the royalty fees, music genre, industrial activities, functions and region. The music publishing companies vary in terms of their structures, services offered, and sizes. Depending on the type of publisher, the global music publishing market is divided into independent, major and mini-major music publisher. The market is further divided with respect to royalties such as mechanical royalties, synchronization royalties, and performance royalties. There are other responsibilities associated with the music publishing market such as administering copyrights, collecting songs, exploitation of artistic work, and copyright protection. 

The report provides comprehensive details of the global music publishing market, particularly in North America, China, Europe, India, Japan and Southeast Asia. The report provides the in-depth analysis on the music publishing market in these regions with respect to the consumption, production, revenue generated, total market share and the development rate from 2012 to 2022. The report also gives out detailed information about the status and future prospect of the music publishing industry in each of the mentioned regions for the mentioned forecast period of 2012 to 2022. 

The key music manufacturing labels mentioned in the report of the music publishing market include names such as Sony Music Publishing LLC, Warner Music, Universal Music Publishing Groups, Fox Music Publishing, Kobalt Music Group, Disney Music, Super Cassettes Industries Pvt. Ltd., Avatar Publishing, and MPL Communications. The report evaluates the music publishing market competition with respect to different manufacturers and analyses the total production and market share. Also, it explores the expansion and mergers & acquisitions happening in the market. 

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