Elevated Number of Working Women to Power Mother Care Products Market

Published On : 25 Jun 2018

Mother care products are designed to specifically cater to the needs of a mother during and post pregnancy. It is a gargantuan and still growing industry with products such as cosmetics, apparel, and nutrition and supplements. The booming population and the surge in number of infants are expected to push the global mother care market to a large extent.

The market for mother care may be segmented by application into antenatal use and prenatal use. On the basis of the product, the market comprises of maternity clothes, underwear and breast pads.  The market at a nascent stage on account of the presence of local and regional vendors which have been preferred for a long time. The expansion of online stores and ecommerce has made proliferation of brands possible- opening up new opportunities for the global mother care products market. 

Rising Exposure towards Functionality of Maternity Wear to Drive Growth 

With more and more women joining the workforce, more number of women reading things on internet, the level of awareness is definitely increasing. Increasing number of pregnant working women is a key factor responsible for the growth of the maternity wear market. This factor is also fuelled by the increasing purchasing power of women. High purchasing power of women has led them to spend considerable amount of money on maternity wears as well. 

Transition in the lifestyle of women in terms of dressing habits is another major factor responsible for the growth of this market. Women have become more concerned about proper fitting of their clothes which include maternity clothes as well. Additionally, celebrity influence is another factor that is driving the female population towards the purchase of various types of maternity wear clothes.

Developed Regions Demonstrate Higher Product Demand

The demand for pregnancy wear is high from developed regions such as North America and Europe. The presence of highly fashion-conscious consumers and the larger disposable incomes are the major reasons for the high demand for maternity apparel in these regions. Market for Baby and Mother Care products is growing steadily on account of the rising infant population in developing economies such as India and China. Rampant urbanization in these regions has also led to rise in the number of nuclear families with both parents in the work force. As a result, there is increase in the per capita expenditure on mother as well as child care. 

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Maternity care products industry in India has transformed from a small time interest market into a growing commercial industry since 2007. The market in India is largely concentrated amongst the giant retail stores like Mom&Me and Mothercare with the former having a greater market share.

The market is characterized by the presence of diversified global, regional, and local vendors. However, as global players increase their presence in the market with their huge infrastructure and R&D support, regional vendors find it increasingly difficult to compete in terms of reliability, technology, and price. 

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