Modified Atmospheric Packaging Market to Witness Tremendous Growth Thanks to Rising Demand for Better Packaged Products

Published On : 19 Nov 2018

The packaging industry is witnessing extensive advancements since the last few years, especially as companies are attempting use of innovative materials and mediums. One such method that has revolutionized the way products are packed involves using modified atmospheric packaging technique. A high demand for use of this methodology has given way to a distinct modified atmospheric packaging market to exist from a global perspective.

Widespread Advancements Occurring in Packaging Processes Boosts Market’s Progress

This type of packaging involves changing the composition of the inherent atmosphere, in order to improve the shelf life of the product being packed. This characteristic makes the method highly viable for use in packing food products and pharmaceutical items. And as both commodities are required on a large scale basis, the global modified atmospheric packaging market is witnessing widespread growth. Moreover, a dire need for keeping highly perishable food items such as dairy products, meat, fish, poultry, and others, exists. And as modified atmospheric packaging helps upkeep such needs, the relevant market keeps expanding at a rapid pace. In addition, changing lifestyles has caused a surge in demand for ready-to-eat products, which mainly involve making the internal components get adapted to the inner atmosphere. Lastly, a dramatically changing food and culinary industry, as well as recent developments regarding transport of medicines is also majorly driving the global modified atmospheric packaging market.

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Fluctuation in Raw Material Availability Dampens Growth

However, fluctuation in raw materials availability in remote and underdeveloped regions is majorly restraining the global modified atmospheric packaging market. Moreover, some kinds of modified atmospheric packaging might be notably expensive, thus increasing the end product prices. In addition, less adoption of these processes in underdeveloped regions also exists as a key factor hindering the global atmospheric packaging market’s growth. This may discourage those having less disposable income from buying the products, thereby hindering the market’s expansion from a global perspective. Nevertheless, many players are introducing cheaper and more efficient varieties of this methodology, which could reduce effects of restraints affecting the global modified atmospheric packaging market.

The global modified atmospheric packaging market depicts the presence of a highly fragmented and intensely competitive vendor landscape owing to the presence of innumerable players. Most international businesses established from a worldwide perspective are facing fierce competition from the local players who mainly offer packaging processes at cheaper prices. With new businesses expected to enter this market on a regular basis, the vendor landscape is anticipated to witness a highly vigorous competition to exist in the near future. Many players are turning towards complete automation in order to increase packaging rate and efficiency, thereby reducing errors. Linde, CVP Systems, Total Packaging Solutions, Berry Plastics, Hayssen Flexible Systems, Dansensor, Praxair, Ilapak Packaging Machinery, Sealed Air, and Bemis Company, are key players operating in the global modified atmospheric packaging market.

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