Global Mobile Analytics Market Feeds of High Smartphone Usage

Published On : 05 Sep 2018

Mobile analytics entails gathering data generated by our everyday browsing or call history on mobiles and analyzing those for insights. It helps track, measure, and understand the mobile users better. It can help companies to better their cross-channel marketing initiatives, improve the experience of mobile users, and enhance engagement of mobile users. 

The three main types of products available in the global mobile analytics market are mobile web analytics, mobile APP analytics, and mobile crash reporting, among others. End users driving demand in the market are IoS Platforms, Android Platforms, and other platforms.

Shift to Mobiles for Internet Browsing and Shopping Fillips Global Mobile Analytics Market

The global mobile analytics market is predicted to rise impressively in the next couple of years. The growing usage of mobiles for internet browsing and online shopping is likely to provide a major boost to the market. It is said that usage of mobiles surpassed that of desktop in 2015. Today’s always-on tech savvy people spend almost 70% of their media consumption and screen time on mobile devices. Smartphone apps are something they cannot live without. This spells massive opportunity for companies wanting to reach out to their consumers. 

App-makers Thrust on Promoting User Engagement another Market Growth Driver

The global mobile analytics market is set to grow as such app-makers increasingly look to methods to entice users and customers in an overcrowded space. It is said that there are over 6.5 million apps in the prominent mobile app stores, millions of other web apps, and over a billion websites in existence. Mobile analytics can prove to be a useful tool for finding out the number of installs, opening of the app, purchases, clicks, content viewed, registrations, shares, level achieved, custom events, and invites. 

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Demand in the global mobile analytics market is basically being driven by three types of users. First, there is a marketing team that tracks return on investment (RoI) on campaigns. Second, there is the UX/UI developers that use mobile analytics to keep a tab on user experience by tracking behavior. Third, there is the product team that leverages such sophisticated software to track usage, A/B test features, debugs, and sets alerts. 

North America Leads Global Mobile Analytics Market Owing to Massive Number of Smartphone Users

North America mobile analytics market is currently at the forefront of driving demand owing to the high degree of digitization in the U.S. and Canada. Being developed economies, where people have high spending capacity, these nations also have numerous smartphone users. This has also provided major fillip to the mobile analytics market in the region. 

Asia Pacific is proving to be a lucrative market because of the rising disposable incomes of people which has led to a spurt in sales of smartphone and online shopping. 

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