Growing Inclination towards IoT Applications Have Promotes Global Microprocessors Market

Published On : 16 Oct 2018

Innovation of computers is still considered as one of the biggest innovation made by humans, and the reason behind claiming it such big is clearly visible in today’s world, as it is hard to find any place without computers. Let it be work place or kinder garden, computers have paved its ways pretty easily in every place. From writing basic journal to performing extensive research on nano particles, computers have played significant role. Particularly in the research and automation sector, computers have become the eye of humans. Computers have underwent significant amount of transformation from occupying two rooms to sitting on a lap of human being. 

Modern computers are made up of several hardware component which are designed to work together to cater the machine with inputs and provide outputs as a results. This is considered as most important and essential work of a machines. A user with the help of keyboard, scanners, mouse, and others will enter the data, this data will then be processed in the core and then the output result will be provided to the user. The core which is generally called the brain of the computer is the processor. With the evolution of computers, processors have seen some significant change as they have become more powerful to accomplish complex and tough task thrown by a user. 

Rapid Growth in Cloud Servers Favors Demand for Server Microprocessors

Over the years, server microprocessors have come a long way. Rise in number of cloud servers is one of the primary reason fueling the demand for server microprocessors. Progressive cloud infrastructure along with rising espouse of cloud based solutions by various industries is the considered as one of the primary factor driving the market. Growing interests on hyper cloud solution owing to emerging 5G network, expanding internet of things, and dynamic workload of organizations, augments the demand for global microprocessor market. Increasing focus on discovering extensive range of chip technologies provided by key internet giants such as Google, Facebook, Amazon, with an aim to improve the artificial intelligence capabilities, bolsters the demand of server microprocessors all across the world. However, high investment required at an initial stages along with intricate steps required for upgrading server processors, is anticipated to deter the growth of the market in years to come. 

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Asia Pacific Dominates the Market Owing To Presence of Large Semiconductor Companies

On the basis of geography, the global market for microprocessor is spread across Europe, Asia Pacific, South America, Middle East and Africa, and North America. Of these, Asia Pacific have shown a stupendous growth rate, and it likely to show stellar growth rate during the assessed period due to presence of numerous number of semiconductor companies. North America takes up the second spot, and is likely to give competition to Asia Pacific. 

However, the players in the market are investing huge on research and development team to produce microprocessor that are more efficient and produce less heat.  Over the years, stiff competition between two global players have provided us praise worthy microprocessors. AMD and Intel, are two major players in the market. Apart from these other players are, Cavium, Qualcomm Technologies, Inc., Marvell, and Applied Micro Circuits Corporation.

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