Despite Facing Ethical Issues, Global Mice Model Market to Find Attractive Opportunities in Advanced Medical Research

Published On : 06 Sep 2016

Although the growing use of computer-generated simulation will dent revenues of the global mice model market, it will not be enough to impede the steady growth of the market, says a new report that has recently been added to the repository of The report is titled, “Global Mice Model Market 2016 Industry, Analysis, Research, Share, Growth, Sales, Trends, Supply, Forecast to 2021.” 

Some of the leading market drivers identified by the authors of the report are: An overall growth in biomedical funding, heightened acceptance for advanced mice models, and the growing use of mice models for testing personalized medicine. Even as the market for mice models stays firmly on the growth path in the coming years, it is expected that a few restraints will run counter to the growth of the market. The most important obstacle that currently stands in the way of the mice model market is the rapid pace at which alternative technologies are being developed. Yet another challenge that the market faces is in the form of ethical issues concerning the use of animals in research and testing. 

In order to brave the challenges that lie ahead, companies in the global mice model market are recommended to invest in alternatives technologies and look toward countries in the Asia Pacific region for higher growth. China is an attractive market for mice models; so is the United States but the effect of the abovementioned restraints is amplified in the latter. Moreover, the growing use of mice models in advanced research, such as in the treatment of lung diseases, may create fresh demand for mice models.

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This report offers a meticulous analysis of the global mice model market by segmenting it into smaller sections on the basis of geography, type, and specialty. Although the demand for mice models is rising steadily in Asia Pacific, it is North America that will continue to maintain a leading position through 2021, the report states. 

The report discusses the cost structure analysis of the market while also providing data about imports and exports. The latest regulations governing business operations in the global mice model market are also analyzed at length in the report. Some of the leading companies in the global mice models market are: Envigo, Covance, Genoway, Ingenious Targeting Laboratory, Harbour Antibodies, Sage Labs(A Subsidiary of Horizon Discovery Group PLC), Janvier Labs, The Jackson Laboratory, and Transgenic. The competitive landscape of the mice model market currently is currently dominated by a few companies. This is the result of a wide gap in the demand for mice models from developed countries and developing ones. Moving forward, the demand for inbred mice models will continue to remain strong. 

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