Changing Perception of Men Regarding Grooming Activities to Bode Well for Global Men Grooming Market

Published On : 19 Sep 2018

The global market for men grooming products is taking big strides in terms of the kinds and variety of products available worldwide and a staggering rise in adoption as men across the globe become more aware of their appearance. Catering exclusively to the women demographic so far, several grooming product brands are launching specifically curated product lines for men as consumer dynamics sees an interesting transformation with an increasing number of men across the globe demanding grooming products for daily use as well as for special occasions.

Grooming services for men are also innovating in terms of the kind of services provided and are increasingly accounting for a rising share of revenue in the overall grooming products and services market. Thanks to the changing outlook of men towards their overall looks and grooming, the global men grooming market is expected to grow at a promising trajectory in the near future.

Toiletries Remain Most Lucrative Product Category but Fragrances and Shaving Products Also Gain Pace

Presently, toiletries, including skin and hair care products, deodorants, bath and shower products, and shaving products, account for the dominant share in the overall revenue of the global men grooming market. The availability of a vast variety of products in this segment, easy availability across the globe, and availability of products in a variety of price ranges contribute to the leading share of the segment in the overall market.

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While toiletries are likely to continue accounting for the dominant share in the global men grooming market in the next few years as well, a slight transformation is also seen in terms of consumer choices and the demand for specialty fragrances and shaving products has been rising. Fragrances, especially, represent a highly lucrative segment owing to their high costs and high profit margins for a number of international and popular brands. Thus in the next few years, the segment of fragrances is expected to emerge as one of the leading contributors of revenue to the global men grooming market.

Brick-and-Mortar Shops Remain Most Preferred Distribution Channel

Unlike women, who carefully choose their grooming products from a large range of portfolios from specialty stores or e-commerce websites, buying grooming products for men looks like a simple task – visiting the local grocery and non-grocery retailers and buying the most easily available brand or product. Thus brick-and-mortar shops or conventional retail are presently the most preferred and the most lucrative distribution channels for men grooming products. While the added convenience has made e-commerce sites popular destinations as well, the trend of choosing products from traditional retail shops is likely to remain strong in the next few years as well.

Asia Pacific Packs Major Growth Opportunities for Men Grooming Market

Market dynamics has also notably shifted from developed economies in regions such as North America and Europe to Asia Pacific in terms of growth opportunities and a rising consumer pool consuming daily essentials as well as luxury grooming products for men in the past few years. Factors such as rising disposable incomes, easy availability of all kinds of grooming products—branded, non-branded, cheap, expensive—in developing economies in the region, and increased awareness regarding personal care and grooming. Owing to the rising consumer base, a number of international men grooming products brands are foraying into the regional market, making the market more promising. 

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