Increasing Usage in Various Clinical Procedures to Boost Demand for Medical Vacuum Regulators

Published On : 28 Dec 2016

A new study on the global market for medical vacuum regulators has been recently added to the repository of The research report, titled “Global Medical Vacuum Regulator Market Professional Survey Report 2016,” offers an in-depth study of the historical performance and the current status of this market, taking the driving forces, restraining factors, prominent trends, and the growth opportunities into consideration.

According to the research study, the global market for medical vacuum regulators is likely to gain more popularity in the near future flourish at a significantly higher growth rate over the period of the forecast. The demand for medical vacuum regulators has witnessed a remarkable rise across the world due to their increasing usage in various clinical procedures, such as tracheal suctioning, pharyngeal aspiration, gastrointestinal suction, pleural suctioning, surgical suctioning, thoracic vacuum regulator, and gastrointestinal intubation.

Medical vacuum regulators are considered as one of the most important requirements of a hospital setup, as these regulators enable medical professionals to control the flow to the patient accurately. Of late, there has been a significant rise in the number of hospitals and well-furbished medical clinics, which, as a result, is boosting the demand for vacuum regulators, globally. Researchers expect this trend to lead to a considerable rise in this market during the forecast period.

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Apart from this, the technological advancements in medical vacuum regulators, reducing the power cost, is also expected to propel this market in the near future. However, the tendency of these regulators to put the patients at risk of acquiring hospital-acquired Infections (HAIs) may create hindrances in the growth trajectory of this market, in the coming years, states the research report.

This 102-page market study provides a detailed and comprehensive analysis of the global market for medical vacuum regulators, taking various market verticals, such as the production volume, pricing of the product, the dynamics of demand and supply, sales volume, revenue, and the growth rate into consideration.

In this study, the worldwide market has been studied on the basis of the type of product and geography. On the basis of geography, the global market has been categorized into the Europe, North America, South East Asia, India, and Japan. Besides, as per the type of the product, the research report classifies the market into analog vacuum regulator and digital vacuum regulator.

A detailed assessment of the competitive landscape of the global market for medical vacuum regulators has also been presented in this research report. Analysts have profiled the leading players in this market in a bid to determine their future prospects and identify the existing market hierarchy. At the forefront of this market are Ohio Medical, Precision Medical, Allied Healthcare Products, Amico, Air Liquid Healthcare, Teko, and Integral medical gas systems, states the research report.

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