Global Manuka Honey Market Rests Hopes on Oral and External Use Products and Hospital and Household Applications

Published On : 29 May 2017

The global manuka honey market has been prognosticated to earn demand from popular types of product such as external use and oral and applications such as household and hospital. has made available another publication in its pharmaceuticals archive of market intelligence reports, which is titled “Global Manuka Honey Market Research Report 2017.” While the threat of substitutes and technological risks could have an unfavorable impact on the global manuka honey market, potential applications and opportunities from emerging regions have been anticipated to raise the hopes of industry players.

The analysts authoring this report have brought to light the growth rate, market share, price, revenue, and production of each product type in the world manuka honey market. Likewise, the analysts have profoundly studied different application segments in terms of factors such as their rate of growth, share, and consumption in the world manuka honey market. The review period considered for the type and application analysis of the world manuka honey market is 2011–2016.

Readers have been offered with a deep study of various regions and countries, such as Southeast Asia, Europe, North America, India, Japan, and China, deemed important for the growth and demand in the world manuka honey market. The prospect and status of each geography of the world manuka honey market have been analyzed taking into consideration the review period 2011–2016. For the same review period, the world manuka honey market has been researched according to value where determinants such as gross margin, price, revenue, and production have been considered. The regional analysis of the world manuka honey market is also performed as per the production, import, export, and consumption of each region and country discussed in the report.

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Under manufacturing cost analysis, the authors of the report have discussed about the crucial raw materials, their price trend, important suppliers, and market concentration rate. The report has also discussed on the proportion of manufacturing cost structure where three critical elements such as manufacturing expenses, labor cost, and raw materials are focused upon. An analysis of the manufacture of manuka honey has been added to the report to help players take informed decisions in the world manuka honey market.

Other aspects such as downstream buyers, raw material sources, upstream sourcing of raw materials, sourcing strategy, and industrial chain analysis have been elaborately explored in the report penned on the international manuka honey market. Along with a list of distributors and traders, the researchers have analyzed the positioning of the international manuka honey market based on three dynamics such as pricing strategy, brand strategy, and target client. For a study on marketing channel, the report has explored three vital subjects, viz. marketing channel development trend, indirect marketing, and direct marketing.

In order to present a clear view of the competitive landscape of the international manuka honey market, the report has profiled 10 prominent industry players, viz. Waitemata Honey, Ora Honey, Cammells Honey, Mossops, Happy Valley, API Health, Pure Honey New Zealand, Manuka Health, Watson & Son, and Comvita.

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