Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) Systems Sales in Emerging Economies to Post Substantial Volume Gains

Published On : 06 Sep 2016

New milestones such as the use of superconducting magnets in magnetic resonance imaging, will strongly aid the growth of the global magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) systems sales market, says a new report now available on The report is titled, “Global Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) Systems Sales Market Report to 2021.” The demand for magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) is expected to rise steadily on account of a growth in the population of aged individuals worldwide, an upsurge in the number of people suffering from cardiac and neurological conditions, and fresh investments in the healthcare sector in emerging economies. However, the high cost of MRI systems will stand in the way of sales in the next few years, the report states. 

However, as compared to many other imaging modalities, MRI systems boast a better ability to capture soft tissue and return clearer scans. These advantages are expected to act as long-term drivers for the sales of magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) systems. The report conducts a complete evaluation of the short- and long-term effects that the prevailing trends will have on the future growth of the market. The report also takes into account the impact of restraints and opportunities on the overall sales value and volume of MRI systems. To study the sales of MRI systems, the report also creates a detailed segmentation of the various applications, end-users, and geographical segments. 

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The findings of the report show that MRI systems sales will continue to post healthy gains in developing nations such as India, China, and Brazil as well as in nations in the Middle East. The sales of MRI systems are projected to display a strong increase in Asia Pacific over the forecast period of the report. However, the growth in sales will not be as sharp in developed countries in Europe and North America, particular the United States owing to these markets having reached maturity. 

The key applications of MRI systems studied in the report are: Vascular MRI, cardiac MRI, pelvic and abdominal MRI, breast MRI, and spine and musculoskeletal MRI. With a growing incidence of cancers of various types as well as an uptick in the number of people suffering from cardiovascular and neurological diseases, the demand for MRI systems for these application areas is predicted to be strong. 

Sophistication in technology and improved safety of MRI systems are regarded as features that lend an additional competitive edge to companies in the MRI systems sales market. In keeping with his, leading companies in the MRI systems market, such as GE Healthcare, Philips Healthcare, Hitachi Medical Corporation, and Siemens Healthcare, are ploughing back profits into research and innovation. Based on product type, the report studies three main types of MRI systems: Open, closed, and type III.
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