Global LVDT Transducers Market to Witness Healthy Growth Trajectory, Thanks to Innovations and Technological Advancements

Published On : 30 Apr 2018

An LVDT (linear variable differential transformer) refers to an electromechanical sensor that is capable of converting mechanical vibrations or motion into a voltage, electrical signals or variable electrical current, and the reverse. These transducers are used the key element for actuating mechanisms in automatic control systems or are used as mechanical motion sensors in a number of measurement technologies.

Since their commercial introduction a few decades ago, LVDT transducers have evolved from their central use as laboratory tools to becoming the most preferred technology for reliable and critical linear displacement measurements in applications across sectors such as aerospace, military, industrial, nuclear power, downhole drilling, and process control. Owing to the rising uptake of microcontroller-based electronics devices across the globe, vast improvements in construction techniques and materials, and a promising pace of R&D activities, the modern LVDT transducer technology has become competitive and competes well with other displacement sensing mechanisms in terms of durability, price, as well as performance. The market for LVDT tranducers is thus expected to expand at a promising pace in the next few years.

Reduction in Cost Help Market Expand across New Application Areas

The market for LVDT transducers remained confined to a few areas of applications until recently owing to the high total cost of using LVDT transducers. More specifically, the complicated and expensive nature of the electronics necessary to operate LVDT transducers limited their applications. With time and refinements, it is now possible to incorporate processing functions and signal conditioning functions directly within the LVDT housing, cutting the need for an external box. Owing to this, errors caused by the LVDT environment or characteristics can also be corrected more easily and effectively, making units more accurate over uncorrected LVDTs. LVDT’s can now also produce digital outputs that are directly compatible with standardized electronic buses and computer-based systems.

Rapid Pace of Innovation and Technological Advancements to Work in Favor of Market

The market has witnessed the entry of several new players in the past few years. The resultant rise in competition has compelled companies to focus on innovation and instruction of products with advanced features. Owing to this, areas such as new construction material and techniques have received a massive rise in attention in the recent years and the market has witnessed the introduction of LVDTs that are capable of easily operating in hostile environments as well, including areas that feature radiation exposure, extreme low and high temperatures, and vacuum pressure or subsea pressures. These factors have worked well for the market, helping it expand across a large number of new application areas as well.

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Some of the leading companies in the market are DoubleClick, MediaMath, Marin Software, AdRoll, Choozle, Sizmek, Kenshoo, Rocket Fuel, Adobe, and Rubicon Project. 

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