Rising Number of Health-conscious People Boosts Demand for Global Luxury Bicycles

Published On : 14 May 2018

QYResearchReports has announced the addition of a new market intelligence report to its repository, titled “Global Luxury Bicycles Market Research Report 2018.” Luxury bicycles are high-speed vehicles, which are made by integrating modern designs with advanced technology. It also includes high-quality materials which provides extreme durability and comfort to the rider. These bicycles are comparatively very costly as compared to normal bicycles. Due to this price factor, the market players are finding it difficult to penetrate among the price-conscious customers. Luxury bicycles are created keeping premium customers in focus. Apart from that, trekkers, cycling enthusiast, urban commuters, and adventurers are among the key customers who are expected to fuel the global luxury bicycles market.
With the rise in number of health conscious and fitness-freak people around the globe, there has been a significant rise in demand for various types of bicycles. Luxury bicycles is one such market, which caters the demand of fitness as well as the interest in expensive and luxurious vehicles. Riding a bicycle has become very popular in past few years. It is not just the way of keeping oneself fit, but it is also one of the cheapest mode of transport all over the world. Bicycles also helps in curbing noise pollutions, air pollution, and helps saving the damage to ozone layer, along with saving the money to refuel the tanks. Cycling makes a person fit, and makes people feel energetic and fresh whole day.

The global luxury bicycles market is divided on the basis of types, regions, and applications. Based on type, the global luxury bicycles market is segmented into road bikes, mountain bikes, and others. Based on application, the market is categorized into transportation, racing and so on. On the basis of geography the luxury bicycles market is segregated into Europe, Japan, Asia Pacific, North America, and the Middle East and Africa. 

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Some of the leading vendors in the global luxury bicycles market are MERIDA, Derby Cycle, Specialized Bicycle Components, Giant Bicycle, and Trek Bicycle. Apart from these the other prominent players in the market are SCOTT Sports, CYCLING SPORTS GROUP, Santa Cruz Bicycles, Pacific Cycles, Bianchi, Kona, DAHON, Marin Bikes, Samchuly Bicycle, and XDS BICYCLES.

Aston Martin-One-77 Bicycle is as racer -car inspired bicycle. It is made in Britain. The master piece comes with the integration of Shimao Dura components and advanced technology, along with bespoke carbon wheels. Another well-known brand is Hermès – Le Flâneur d’Hermès, where Flâneur d’Hermès means ‘the stroller’. The entire story of this bicycle lies in its performance and is completely different from Aston Martin bicycle. It is handmade and haute, with extremely light-weight. It is fitted with shock-proof mono-bloc design, bull leather at the contact points for example handlebar grips, carry handle, and saddle, belt driven transmission, choice of 8 or 11 gears in the rear wheel.

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