New Product Launches and Improved Cloud Computing Infrastructure to Propel Global IPaaS Market

Published On : 29 Aug 2016

In the world of IT, no trend has impacted businesses as strongly as cloud computing solutions have. From infrastructure platforms to enterprise applications, cloud computing has been benefiting the entire IT landscape since it was introduced. However, enterprises using cloud-based solutions faced a formidable challenge in integrating cloud-based applications. Integration platform as a service (iPaaS) was thus introduced to solve integration problems, improve agility, avoid custom code, and minimize the need for dedicated integrated skills. Going forward, iPaaS is expected to support the emerging cloud computing architecture, predicts a new report added to the database of

The report, titled “Global IPaaS Market 2016 Industry, Analysis, Research, Share, Growth, Sales, Trends, Supply, Forecast to 2021,” highlights the changing trends in cloud computing architecture by primarily focusing on iPaaS. History says that throughout the development of IT, advancements in technologies have necessitated the introduction of new software services and architectures. In cloud computing, the introduction of SaaS was followed by the entry of IaaS and PaaS. As more applications moved to cloud computing architecture, it created the need to flawlessly connect and integrate various components. This gave rise to a cloud computing integration platform, iPaaS. The advent of iPaaS has thus solved the problem of integrating cloud-based applications.

iPaaS has emerged as an alternative to traditional integration platforms. Going forward, iPaaS is expected to deliver some of the latest components to organizations using cloud computing architectures. Key companies are focusing on introducing new iPaaS components that will help organizations realize the actual benefits of using cloud architecture. Developers are focusing on introducing new processes and tools to develop and configure the latest integration systems that can be used for cloud computing architectures without changing their basic functionalities. 

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Dell Boomi, Informatica, MuleSoft, SAP, SnapLogic, Actian, Attunity, IBM, Infor, E2E Technologies, Flowgear, Fujitsu, Jitterbit, NEC, and TIBCO Software are a few of the prominent companies listed in the report on the global IPaaS market. Key companies are planning to introduce hybrid iPaaS models to match the changing trends in the market. For a competitive analysis, the geographical coverage of key companies is also covered in the report. Key companies are profiled with revenue and gross margin. The SWOT analysis tool is used to measure the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats of key companies.  

New project developments and investments are studied in the report by the analysts. SWOT analysis tool is used to measure the feasibility of the new projects. With many new iPaaS modules in the pipeline, the global market is expected to register consistent growth during the forecast period. Startups entering the global market are predicted to compete with the key companies with new integration modules. However, with the rising spending and improvements in the IT infrastructure, key companies are expected to launch many new iPaaS modules. With this, they are planning to maintain their dominance in the global iPaaS market. Going forward, the global iPaaS market is expected to benefit from the rising government funding for the introduction of new cloud computing integration platforms.

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