Advancement in Smart Vehicles to Propel Growth of Global Intelligent Transportation System (ITS) Market

Published On : 02 Aug 2018

Global intelligent transport systems market is growing steadily with a sound CAGR within the forecast period. Improvement in smart vehicles is one of the key factors molding the global intelligent transport system market. The working of smart vehicles on intelligently controlled streets by delivery condition of advanced technology and art infrastructure. Anyway to work with this innovation, it is important for the smart vehicles to have intelligent transport systems integrated in them. This pattern is estimated to push the development of the global ITS market.

This system gives new scope for infrastructure as well as offers scopes for modifying the old foundation. Another ongoing pattern in this market is related with major players working in the global market for intelligent transport systems that are joining 5G Automobile Association to increase product advancement. For instance, Savari Inc., joined the 5G Automobile Association to include mobile communications to associated cars. 

1. Demand for Improved Transport Service to Fuel Market Demand

Need for better transport facilities is expected to rise because of advancement in the technology. This permits the reception of ramp meters, traveler data systems, integration of red light cameras, collection of electronic toll, and coordination of traffic signals. The governments all over the globe are additionally taking up activities to center around research of smart innovation with respect to with innovative products, for example, vehicle ad-hoc systems. These significant patterns are ready to contribute in the development of the global market for intelligent transport systems. 

2. Various Nations to Invest in R&D Activities

Understanding the requirement for ITS, various nations have begun putting resources into research and development activities to create new innovations. The improvement of eCall systems outfitted with positioning of sensors, wireless communication, and satellite is one such development. Furthermore, new activity administration systems that protect vehicles and give driving help by providing information about the street and transport conditions are additionally being created. 

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3. Asia Pacific to be Biggest Revenue Contributor in Future

In 2017, North America was estimated to be the leading region in the market as far as revenue was concerned for intelligent transport systems. In the coming years, Asia Pacific region is anticipated to be dominant market for consistent generation of revenue. Developing nations, for example, China are foreseen to represent high shares in the market of Asia Pacific for the ITS market. Setting up solid distribution channels and supply chains are significant took after by ITS firms in China to expand their global reach. Advanced technology, for example, smart collision avoidance and parking systems are the two applications which are projecting elevated CAGRs. 

Known by the emergence of global as well as regional players, both, the ITS market seems, by all accounts, to be extremely competitive. In spite of the fact that the market offers similar chances to both the local and global players, the global players have a better scope of development in future.

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