Technological Advancements and Related Industry Growth to Boost Global Intelligent Robot Sales

Published On : 17 Oct 2016 announces the addition of a new research report, titled “Global Intelligent Robot Sales Market Report 2016.” The 127-page publication furnishes a detailed description of the intelligent robot sales market around the world. It includes an informative overview of the products and what they are capable of achieving through their various applications.

An intelligent robot is yet another application of artificial intelligence that’s gaining traction in factories, healthcare, construction and drilling industries, among others. The report studies the various factors that are leading to the market growth. One of them is the unprecedented growth in technology that has changed consumers’ lives drastically. As technology progresses further, honing its applications, the market is slated to attract takers by the droves. Another factor is the growth in related industries where it finds uses. For example, requirements in healthcare or manufacturing, where the markets are burgeoning, are also providing a fillip to intelligent robot sales.

The growth, however, is being countered by a number of restraining factors. Threat from substitutes, for instance, is hindering growth prospects. Change in customer preference, brought about by new and better products, is also leading to lost sales. Sudden changes in the political and economic environment, in many parts of the world, are also posing impediments to sales. The report details all such restraining factors and then goes on to discuss the major markets by geography. They are: China, USA, Japan, Europe, Southeast Asia, and India. It studies the markets individually – their growth trajectory since 2011 and predicts their growth till 2021.

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Based on thorough research, the report arrives at the current sales and revenue in the market to find the global market size. It uses historical data and the current figures to predict sales and revenue growth till 2021. The report also delves into the competitive landscape by segmenting the market by manufacturers, type, and application. It furnishes information on the market share of the different segments under each head. Further, the report meticulously scrutinizes the manufacturing costs, by taking into account key raw materials, their availability, price trends and suppliers. It presents in detail the share of labor and raw materials in the overall manufacturing cost.

The report provides a comprehensive peek into other aspects of the intelligent robot industry as well. They are robot industrial chain analysis, upstream raw material sourcing, sources of raw materials for manufacturers, and downstream buyers. Different marketing strategies such as direct marketing, indirect marketing, and marketing channel development trends, find a mention in the report. It offers an insightful glimpse into pricing strategy, brand strategy and target clients. It names distributers and traders too.

The report incorporates forecast for the global intelligent robot market which includes sales and revenue forecasts by type, by regions, and by applications till 2021. Additionally, the report throws light on key players in the field, namely Staubli, ABB, Comau, Yaskawa, Siasun, Fanuc, GSK, Nachi, and Effort. It discusses at length their intelligent robot sales, revenue, price, and gross margins from 2011 to 2016. Market competitors, product overview, and manufacturing bases of the companies are explained too after extensive information gathering.


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