Global Air Compressor Market to Benefit from Rising Demand across Recovering Global Economies

Published On : 21 Sep 2018

The global market for air compressors capable of compressing air/gas, thereby elevating its pressure from an initial atmospheric pressure to a higher final pressure. Compressors act as sources of energy, which is generated at the time when the air/gas is being compressed, and are used in virtually all sectors of a number of industries.

Compressed air is typically used for control applications in several machines where it helps in controlling functions such as trigger, start, stop, or modulate and demodulate, etc. Industries require such vast volumes of compressed air that it is quite often regarded as the fourth utility after water, electricity, and natural gas for industries. In Europe, nearly 10 percent of all the electricity used for various industrial purposes is spent for producing compressed air.

Classification of Air Compressors

Air compressor systems can be classified based on a variety of aspects ways. On the basis of their mobility factor, air compressors can be portable or stationary. On the basis the technology employed in them, air compressors can be reciprocating, rotary vane, screw, or centrifugal. On the basis of application, air compressors can be water cooled, air cooled, multistage, single-stage, diesel engine driven, electric driven, lubricated or non-lubricated. On the basis of the type of lubrication used in them, air compressors can be oil free or oil-based. The most prominent raw-materials used in air compressors are aluminum, steel, and castings. Critical finished and semi-finished elements used in air compressors include bearings, switches, crankshafts, gauges, rotors, and housings.

High Rise in Demand in Emerging Economies to Drive Market

The global market for air compressors has witnessed a notable transformation in terms of preference in the past few years. As the consumers become more aware of the various drawbacks of oil-based systems, demand for oil-free air compressors has increased at a massive pace. The market presently has a number of companies manufacturing oil-based air compressors. However, the market is steadily overcoming these issues looking as a number of companies are getting involved in extensive research and development efforts. 

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Increased efforts from key players in these developmental areas will not only make the global air compressor market more sophisticated, but also lead to higher adoption from construction activities, especially in developing countries. Demand for air compressors could also increase from developed countries which are recovering from the recent global economic recession. A rejuvenated economic stability in these countries may lead to revival of stalled infrastructure projects, thus the increased demand for air compressors.

Some of the leading companies operating in the global air compressor market are KAESER, Ingersoll Rand, Atlas Copco, DOOSAN, Gardner Denver, Sullair, Kobelco, Hongwuhuan, Elgi, BOGE, Airman, KAISHAN, Fusheng, and HANBELL.

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