Rising Need for Speed and Efficacy Driving Demand in Global Industrial Actuators Market

Published On : 26 Oct 2018

Actuator is an essential part of the electric controlled automobiles. They also find application in many mechanical systems in various industries. Their primary task is to transform signals of various types into mechanical actions. The input signals are in different forms. They could be mechanical, pneumatics, electrical, or hydraulic. Apart from the automotive actuators, the industrial actuators too are seeing surging demand. 

Why is the global industrial actuators market seeing rising demand?

Industrial actuators are considered workhorses in the world of motion. They usually provide lesser degree of accuracy and resolution but are ruggedized to offer bankable operation even in difficult environments. This is at the heart of their uptake in the market. 

With surging industrialization, coupled with rising thrust on automation worldwide, the global industrial actuators market is set to rise in the next couple of years. Manufacturers are seen expending time and money on developing more evolved versions leveraging latest technologies and better materials.  

Smart industrial actuators are also seen making an appearance in the global industrial actuators market. Powered by the latest sensor technologies they can further improve efficiency. However, manufacturing and embedding sensor and other related technologies in the products is an involved and expensive process. This is not just drives up complication but also cost. However, with further research into the area, smart industrial actuators are predicted to play a crucial role in the industrial internet of things (IIoT) market. 

What kind of actuators are seeing maximum uptake? 

The types of industrial actuators available in the market are drive electric actuators and automatic electric actuators. The automatic electric actuators are primed to see growing demand in the next few years. This is because of their efficiency and swiftness. Besides, they are also safe and easy to use. Other forms of industrial actuators still being used are pneumatic actuators, mechanical actuators, and hydraulic actuators.

Some of the end use industries driving considerable demand in the global industrial actuators market are chemical, oil and gas, and others. The flourishing oil and gas industry, among them, is currently at the forefront of generating sales and revenues. The other industries adding to the demand in the global industrial actuators market are water and wastewater, power, and metals and mining. 

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How do different regions fare when it comes to market potential?

Europe and North America are considered advanced industrial actuators market. This is because of the developed industrial sector in the two regions. Uptake of latest, automated versions of industrial actuators in the region have played a key role in promoting the market. Going forward however, Asia Pacific industrial actuators market is set to see maximum growth. This is because of the swift pace of industrialization in the large and developing nations of India and China.

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